Sometimes I love the German language for it's absolute simplicity. Seal in german is Seehund, or Sea-Dog. The large bats called Flying Foxes? Flughund. Flying Dog. The entire language looked at two separate animals and went,
"Well, that's a dog."

"But it has wings"

"Flying Dog"

"And that one lives in the ocean"

"Sea Dog. They're dogs, Hans. Get with the program."

#German also likes to decide animals are bears

raccoon = washing bear
koala = koala bear
coati = nose bear
red panda = cat bear
anteater = ant bear
scarlet tiger moth = pretty bear

#language #animals

@Anke .o o ( post-apocalyptic landscape where only bears survived & speciated )

@Anke Not to forget that we like calling non-living objects '... stuff':

airplane - Flugzeug (flight stuff)
toys - Spielzeug (play stuff)
tools - Werkzeug (work stuff)
oilskin/slicker - Ölzeug (oil stuff)
lighter - Feuerzeug (fire stuff)
bedding - Bettzeug (bed stuff)


@halozeta I love that too about German. Transparent etymology.

@halozeta ...and there's also the thing were bats are flying mice. :D

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