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See Lindsay Ellis, Natalie Wynn, Dan Olson, etc.

Does anyone who is making good content on social media or YouTube actually like it? A lot of the creators I follow seem to look at each of their creations like a penitent monk looks at their flagellation instrument. I can't really enjoy anything if it always looks like the Creator is being caused physical pain for them to do it.

Wow. If anyone on the Carolina coasts is reading this, 1. I would probably be a good idea to not be there very soon and 2. Good luck.

And Eris casteth forth the golden apple of Mastodon discord...

"This isn't a society, it's a lunatic asylum made from cotton candy." - James 'Kibo' Parry, April 10, 2004

I think the internet truly went to hell when KIBO abandoned us. If he would return all would be set right.

So, okay. This needs to be said and understood:

KiwiFarms, Encyclopedia Dramatica, and 4chan are NOT reliable sources.

They're not.

Their entire reason for being is to manufacture reasons to ostracize people. They are, by any definition, hate machines.

You know the saying "trust but verify"? I am telling you: you can't trust these sources.

If you're going to attack and harass someone, find a better source than KiwiFarms, Encyclopedia Dramatica, and 4chan. Please.

🎶 so hold me moooom...... in your long arms..... your petrochemical arms... your military arms.... in your electronic arms.... in your aaaaaarms..... 🎶

#nowplaying #np #fediplay

BREAKING: Person finally does something they fought against doing for months, expects credit.

This is my new favorite Wikitalk page. Discussion about the page for the movie Lifeforce.

"The Future is here and everything needs to be destroyed" is the best WaxTrax album that never came out.

I just figured out the purpose of fedibots and now I can't help but think of them as wandering merchants, bringing back posts to their home instance.

"Hi, ho, fedibot, what do you bring us today?"

"Wonderous things. Infosec from cybre, art from sleeping, cute animals from kitty and fresh shitposts from bofa."

"What about..."

"See me tonight for switter, you know that."

Wait, what the fuck is everyone pissed about currently?

Should I stick with my goth/industrial past on, or fully embrace what I am becoming on

Did you ever wonder which NJPW wrestlers have made out, either seriously or as a joke?

And now the nuns are dancing to J Giles Band's "Centerfold" and I need to start drinking faster.

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