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Everyone sucks, nothing exists, drink bourbon, do crimes, hate individual air molecules, smell freon, deny the future, set lawn furniture on fire.

It's always interesting to see a whole harassment mob of people stop, look around and go, "We're totally not a harassment mob, right?"

The left will forever be more interested in purity testing than anything else.

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FYI - If trump is defeated in 2020, it will be despite internet leftists, no because of them.

Traffic thought: Natalie Wynn is Zoe Quinn to leftist twitter, and they really want to have their own Gamergate.

Headcanon: Superman has a framed program and ticket stub from seeing Laurie Anderson's "United States Live" on the wall in the Fortress of Solitude. He went in disguise, not as Clark Kent, and sat in the back. He went to both nights. Later, he went up to Anderson as Superman and asked her to sign the ticket stub. She was nervous, but he said he loves the show and she gave him a lot to think about. He still plays the vinyl some nights, sitting quietly drinking a glass of club soda.

Me: Age 41. Birthday Gift: Retro Video Game player. Maturity level: Questionable. @ Newtown, Bucks County, Pennsylvania

Probably going to mute the word "Bernie" before the end of the year.

To the new people, pleasure to have you, but please understand that this is not twitter mk 2. Stand back, take a moment to get the lay of the land and then dive in.

As someone who hasn't had cable for about three years, the Emmys is very interesting withe the application of bourbon.

The future was assured and promised.

the 90's died in 2001.

consider where your future was.

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