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Everyone sucks, nothing exists, drink bourbon, do crimes, hate individual air molecules, smell freon, deny the future, set lawn furniture on fire.


RT if you're spending way too much gd money during quarantine because you're trapped in your apartment and finding home improvement & decorative projects to do.

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I'll be streaming goth music videos at beginning at 8PM EDT. Come by and watch.

Twitter leftist fallacy of the day: Because corporations do bad things, everything that corporations do is bad, so if a company comes out in favor of something like LGBT rights, then LGBT rights are suspect.

Got a three day from Reddit for telling a dead-ender to drink bleach, so I guess I'm hanging out here more for a while.

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Ok. This really sucks and I'm running at a minor level of panic.

I'm starting to realize that the situation we are in is so completely alien to most people that our only frame of reference for something like this the the fiction we have read with plagues and pandemics in them. And since those particular stories usually don't end with "And everyone lived happily ever after" it might be coloring how we are reacting a bit.

Day one of Social Distancing. I have drank enough bourbon to no longer care about the end of the world.

Shout ot to everyone with anti-vaxxer family during , remember that beating them to death is still technically illegal for now.


Jesus christ. Left-internet, let me know when you are through your five stages of grief so I can call back when we need to talk about getting the lunatic out of office.

I wonder how many video games are going to be set during a viral epidemic in about 2-3 years.

Goddamnit. Why haven't more progressives realized that the reason Sanders is losing is because he is an awful candidate, and it is a testament to the popularity of progressive ideas in the democratic party that he has gotten any farther than blown out in the Iowa caucus? Why him? Why not literally anyone else?

Odds that Chapo becomes a MAGA podcast if Biden wins the nomination? 10-1? 5-1? 3-2?

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