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hey @ms I haven't forgotten about you and the wiki. I have three things I need to add on there:

1) Meraki IPSec Site2Site VPN HowTo
2) UnIFi IPSec Site2Site VPN HowTo
3) Creating an OpenVPN tunnel that forces all traffic from a local DHCP server to a second IPFire acting as an exit node

I'm sure we can come up with a better title for that last one.

Been rewatching . Humans are SO fragile in this show. Seriously, someone gets tapped in the head and they drop dead.

As an avid reader of dystopian novels warning of government over reach in monitoring and controlling the populace, this scares the absolute shit out of me.

Need a creepy gift for your friends who are into that sort of thing? I've got a bunch of creepy, pen & ink artwork on my Book of Jen Store.

Each piece is hand drawn and one of a kind. Many of them are drawings of skulls.

Here is an example of one:

New episode out! The Sirens talk about the November horror news and catch up after a month off in the latest . Edited and produced by yours truly.

One of my thrustmaster sticks started acting funny on the Z axis. Pretty sure there's a bunny hair that got wedged into the sensor. Taking it apart to fix it does not look as easy as I'd hoped. :(

anyway if this terrible fucking "feature" makes it into the mastodon code base, we will not be implementing it, it is extremely bad and if anything there needs to be a way to move away from follower counts, because they are bad, toxic, and a dark design pattern

Only two more days left in this staycation. Wish I could extend it for another week.

Trackballs + pet rabbits = frequent trackball cleaning.

With my latest upgrade, finally runs well! The biggest thing that killed that game for me was the horrible performance on my 955. As much as I can't stand EA or using origin, I do love the Mirror's Edge series. Some cool cyberpunk there.

one of my favorite consequences of the way most video games implement friendship mechanics is that as soon as someone becomes your closest friend you stop paying any attention to them whatsoever

tony hawks pro skater but instead of sweetie. i like moving the horseys around

Upgrade to Ryzen 5 2600 complete! My computer is rather unstable when running the ram at 3200, despite it being rated for 3200. Otherwise, having about 12x the performance I had yesterday is pretty rad.

The wife's computer is upgraded as well. Ark actually runs smooth for her now. And she can watch Plex stutter free while doing so. She's quite pleased.

My new RX580 gets here next week, then the wife gets my RX480 to run crossfire with. Good December so far!

Tired: Alphabet soup

Wired: Times New Ramen

Buying Bitcoin is interesting. Ended up buying on Coinbase, since their fees were the most reasonable. Have to wait 20 days before I move it off of their service, though.

So nice to finally have Min home. Missed her so much for the past day and a half!

She was definitely ready to come home from the vet.

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