Well folks, it's official! I no longer work for a primarily Windows-based MSP! I start my job with Jupiter Broadcasting (and, consequently, The Linux Academy) on Monday!

Haven't posted in a while. Been super busy both at work and... Getting a new job!!

Tomorrow starts my two week transition period leaving my former job to go work in broadcasting and Linux. I couldn't be more excited about this. I really feel like I've been training for it my whole life.

Holy shit, guys... The new Twilight Zone is awesome.

Happy birthday, ! May your day be filled with freedom and cake made from open source recipes!

@ky0ko interestingly, that's pretty much how modern Windows servers run. Except it's not emulation.

My MCSE can explain it better, but Server 2019 basically runs 2019 Core underneath, then has a VM of the actual server you're wanting to run on top with pass-through hardware access.

I think they might be doing it because most of their development is now aimed at Hyper-V and Azure. Not too sure, though. I'm not a Windows guy...

We've been holding out two lady angora for a week or so now, and they made major breakthroughs yesterday! While they're not quite a cuddle puddle yet, they're definitely enjoying each other's company.

Omg what a couple of weeks. Last weekend was my week to work. Fortunately I'm off this weekend. Finally time to relax!

So Aesop Rock and Tobacco teamed up to release Malibu Ken. Really interesting project and I can't get enough of it. Never thought of Aesop rapping over synthwave, but it really kinda makes sense.

@CharredStencil @ataraxia937 honestly, dissatisfaction with the AUR and a lot of the community were what drove me away from Arch after nearly a decade.

Half the packages I'm looking at are unmaintained or poorly maintained? To the point that I end up having to tweak or rewrite PKGBUILDS for a substantial number upgrades? No thank you.

RPM is easier to work with IMHO, and COPR is a thing of beauty, plus the community is great, I'm much happier on Fedora.

@jim @ataraxia937 but how is that an excuse for OpenSUSE? It's related on SUSE Enterprise in very similar ways that Fedora is related to RHEL.

I think the real answer here is that SUSE has changed hands sooooo many times and has failed to draw as many users as the other big distros. Fewer users means less code means less polish. Huge turnover being sold multiple times means the direction of the company can change each time.

It's just a mess from top to bottom.

The worst part of the Twin Peaks reboot is that it trashed my theory about Diane.

All through the original I was CERTAIN that Diane was the name of Coop's take recorder. He just talked into Diane, then put her tapes in a case in the trunk.

But NOOOOOOO... Lynch had to go and make her a real person. Just to fuck with me.

@anna I mean all of them. Background images, post images, avatars, everything.

@anna ooooh, no! Replace every single picture his accounts load with this picture of Jeff Goldblum!

@anna any chance you could add some custom logic so that anytime you spot one of his accounts you change it so that all posts it sees are something silly?

Like every post no matter who it's following is really terrible graffiti? Then next time it's a gif of Bob Ross? And so on in that manner...

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