Went to the pet store today to look at the baby bunnies. Talked to the clerk, who recognized me as the person who called for information about the rabbit (Min) my wife and I rescued from my vet. She said they had a surrendered rabbit that they wanted me to look at.

She's super sweet, but I sooooo don't need another rabbit. Number nine (another rescue, this one from LV) will be here later this month.

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So nice to finally have Min home. Missed her so much for the past day and a half!

She was definitely ready to come home from the vet.

Min had to go to the vet in the next town over today. She's getting spayed tomorrow. Sure was not happy getting in the crate after being a free range bunny for the couple of months she's been with us. I miss my bunny, even though she's only been gone about 8 hours...

I won't get her back until day after tomorrow either. But it's worth it to know she's being spayed by a vet who knows what they're doing!

This little had her bed privileges revoked due to multiple infractions of the "no peeing on the bed" rule, especially considering that she MALICIOUSLY targeted "the male human," AKA me.

She's mad that there's an intact (unspayed) girl bunny in the house. Fortunately, that little bunny (Min, check my timeline for more info on her) is finally getting spayed on Tuesday!

Success! I had to drive all the way to South side Savannah to get it, but I won Thanksgiving!

One of my bunnies, Min (short of Minerva), gets super excited when she hears me making coffee. The coffee bag sounds similar enough to the treat bag that she starts running around my feet and periscoping at me.

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Max got shaved tonight. She loves being shaved, but hates getting shaved. Bonus picture of Max's smol friend, Mika, looking like a weirdo in the background.

@SuzanEraslan this is Little Gracie. She was the daughter of the manager of the most prestigous hotel in the South, the Pulaski in Savannah, GA, USA. Many travelers who passed through would bring Gracie toys. She tragically died in 1889 from Pneumonia.

Gracie was buried among the live oak trees and southern gothic architecture in Bonaventure Cemetery. Visitors still bring toys.

Bonaventure is one of the most beautiful places I've ever been.

One of my rabbits was chewing on a cardboard box this morning and woke my wife and I up. So I grabbed that bunny and snuggled her in bed, then feel back asleep. When I woke up she was still there and I have no idea how long it had been, but I think I had a whole dream cycle.

Then she peed on my side of the bed on her way back down to the floor... Maybe she couldn't hold it. Maybe she was just mad. Including a picture of her in a witch hat.


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