We've been holding out two lady angora for a week or so now, and they made major breakthroughs yesterday! While they're not quite a cuddle puddle yet, they're definitely enjoying each other's company.

What the hell is this thing and who told it it was allowed to be this cute?

Minerva is absolutely too ridiculously adorable.

What's better than a fluffy ? Here's max looking regal and super soft. She's always so happy to see me. She also more than any of our other buns.

Spending some time with Mika the . She's very skittish. Still wary of me even though she's known me for 2 years. We rescued her after her home was destroyed in and she had been living in a hotel bathtub for 6 months.

She's our oldest bunny at 8-9 years old, loves treats, and is surprisingly healthy for an old girl. She'll never really love us, but she's certainly a welcome member of the !

My Min got shaved today and the is strong!

We're trying something different where we shave her body, but leave her face and her arms fluffy. It's working out real well.

Our sanctuary bunny Humphrey crossed the rainbow bridge tonight. Poor old boy had a tough life. We gave him the best golden years we could after forcefully adopting him from a negligent owner.

It was his time to go, and I'm relieved that he is no longer struggling with immobility and health. But I will still miss him.

Poor Max is going to miss him terribly.

Went to the pet store today to look at the baby bunnies. Talked to the clerk, who recognized me as the person who called for information about the rabbit (Min) my wife and I rescued from my vet. She said they had a surrendered rabbit that they wanted me to look at.

She's super sweet, but I sooooo don't need another rabbit. Number nine (another rescue, this one from LV) will be here later this month.

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So nice to finally have Min home. Missed her so much for the past day and a half!

She was definitely ready to come home from the vet.

Min had to go to the vet in the next town over today. She's getting spayed tomorrow. Sure was not happy getting in the crate after being a free range bunny for the couple of months she's been with us. I miss my bunny, even though she's only been gone about 8 hours...

I won't get her back until day after tomorrow either. But it's worth it to know she's being spayed by a vet who knows what they're doing!

This little had her bed privileges revoked due to multiple infractions of the "no peeing on the bed" rule, especially considering that she MALICIOUSLY targeted "the male human," AKA me.

She's mad that there's an intact (unspayed) girl bunny in the house. Fortunately, that little bunny (Min, check my timeline for more info on her) is finally getting spayed on Tuesday!

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