"Desktop applications should not attempt to mimic mobile phone apps that were designed to be used by touch — 'hamburger menus' may be a suitable compromise for crammed mobile phones but not for today’s desktop systems with Full HD or 4K screens."

omg this! Stop "improving" my desktop interfaces with these dumb monstrosities.


@unicornfarts as a plasma user w/ global menu turned on... OMG yes. Please get rid of the stupid hamburger menus, or at least make them optional!

Traditional menu bars and toolbars work just fine. They might have been useful when the standard desktop resolution was 1024x768 or below, but not now!

Even my beloved Firefox, which still lets you expose the menu bar, won't let you hide the damn menu button.

@halfcutskeleton I didn't even know firefox had my menubar hidden till I read this article. Once I enabled it i immediately noticed how much easier it was to navigate my bookmarks and history.

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