Well folks, it's official! I no longer work for a primarily Windows-based MSP! I start my job with Jupiter Broadcasting (and, consequently, The Linux Academy) on Monday!

Haven't posted in a while. Been super busy both at work and... Getting a new job!!

Tomorrow starts my two week transition period leaving my former job to go work in broadcasting and Linux. I couldn't be more excited about this. I really feel like I've been training for it my whole life.

Holy shit, guys... The new Twilight Zone is awesome.

Happy birthday, ! May your day be filled with freedom and cake made from open source recipes!

We've been holding out two lady angora for a week or so now, and they made major breakthroughs yesterday! While they're not quite a cuddle puddle yet, they're definitely enjoying each other's company.

Omg what a couple of weeks. Last weekend was my week to work. Fortunately I'm off this weekend. Finally time to relax!

So Aesop Rock and Tobacco teamed up to release Malibu Ken. Really interesting project and I can't get enough of it. Never thought of Aesop rapping over synthwave, but it really kinda makes sense.

The worst part of the Twin Peaks reboot is that it trashed my theory about Diane.

All through the original I was CERTAIN that Diane was the name of Coop's take recorder. He just talked into Diane, then put her tapes in a case in the trunk.

But NOOOOOOO... Lynch had to go and make her a real person. Just to fuck with me.

The day I discovered a pre-warm setting on my was a really good day.

4) Marine IT sucks. But yachts have deep pockets, so off I go!

3) Obviously this is already a better solution. I track down the port on the patch panel and confirm connectivity.

Problem is, they still haven't given me the credentials to the router/load-balancer. I'm extremely fortunate that I was able to find a WAN port that was configured for DHCP!

Everything is back online, and finally the work can continue.

2) the cable is landed in the Engine Room

They tell me that they want me to run the cable through two fire doors and into the boat proper, then up stairs and into the AV closet to wire directly into the router.

I think that's a stupid plan, especially because they would have to reel it back every night, disconnecting from the Internet, to close the fire doors.

So instead, I run it back to the Engine Control Room and hook it up to a port that's permanently wired back to AV.

1) So my big task for the day was to restore internet connectivity on a yacht. Company I work for is in process upgrading their whole network and server infrastructure, and lacking internet is severely hampering our ability to work.

So this boat is in a paint shed. That's why it has no connectivity. Big metal Faraday cage around it. No VSAT, bad cellular, etc. So we got the marina to put in a cable.

But the cable is too short. So I get a PoE-powered Ethernet repeater to get there.

Dammit, forgot the picture tag.

Cute, fluffy rabbit standing on a stool

What the hell is this thing and who told it it was allowed to be this cute?

Minerva is absolutely too ridiculously adorable.

What's better than a fluffy ? Here's max looking regal and super soft. She's always so happy to see me. She also more than any of our other buns.

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