My bunny chewed my headphone cable on my really nice open-back headphones. :'(

Bad bun bun.

Going to try to solder in a new jack and convert them to use a detachable cable.

Got a mail server up and running on my server! Geary seems to be having trouble adding it, though. Not sure yet if it's a DNS problem or what. No problem connecting from my phone.

Night two on the . Still no purified water. Will hopefully run out to get some tomorrow. Was definitely feeling dry today, but wasn't too bad.

Coffee coffee coffee coffee coffee coffee coffee coffee coffee coffee coffee coffee coffee coffee coffee coffee coffee coffee coffee

Straw poll:

How do you guys feel about ? I've been using for a few years now. And, of course, there's plenty of on any servers I don't spend a decent amount of time in. I do occasionally play with , but always seem to stray back to zsh. Maybe 2019 and fish 3.0 will change that. We'll see!

First night with a . Took a nap with it earlier with no problem. Unfortunately I don't have any distilled water on hand for the humidifier. Will need to pick some up tomorrow.

Working on the latest . This is going to be a good episode, and I think 2019 is going to be a good year for them. They've really gotten their format down pat, and I've got the editing right about perfect.

All that aside, 2019 is already shaping up to be a great year for in general. We're starting off with a bang with Bird Box and Bandersnatch (yes, I know Bandersnatch was technically released in 2018...). And Jordan Peele has some goodies in the pipe.

Finishing up The Punisher season one. I'd say the odds of Netflix screwing up season two like they screwed up follow up season of their other Marvel series are very high.

Still, I enjoyed season one well enough. Enjoyable but not excellent.

Went to the pet store today to look at the baby bunnies. Talked to the clerk, who recognized me as the person who called for information about the rabbit (Min) my wife and I rescued from my vet. She said they had a surrendered rabbit that they wanted me to look at.

She's super sweet, but I sooooo don't need another rabbit. Number nine (another rescue, this one from LV) will be here later this month.

Nothing quite like watching a disk clone progress bar creep along...

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So it's two am here in Savannah, and I was just thinking about going to bed cuz work in the morning. Then my wife informs me that we're closed tomorrow. Time for a holiday pour of champagne!

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Predictions for 2019:

Microsoft buys large stake in Canonical and an even bigger partnership forms

Canonical IPOs and the stock does exceedingly well

Microsoft releases either Exchange or SharePoint for Linux. Most likely in a container of some sort. Probably Kubernetes they open source it, a Snap if they don't.

Microsoft releases more stuff using Electron, including one BIG app, such as the base office suite (Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Outlook), most likely mirroring their cloud versions.

Watching . Pretty excellent so far. Sorta like someone saw The Happening and said "what if I took the overall premise, then made a movie that didn't suck?"

I had tried out a little Kubernetes using MicroK8s, but that project still feels really young and I had a hell of a time trying to get it to route. Couldn't really justify setting up a full instance for a single node...

Have had an interesting week. Finally set up my new server and migrated everything over from the old server. Started out using some Snap and some Docker. Turns out that official Docker doesn't play nice with AppArmor and the Docker Snap is no longer supported. So now it's all Docker.

Still need to get NextCloud running behind traefik with Let's Encrypt, but my media services are already full speed ahead!

Plex using a 24GB ramdisk for transcoding is pretty damn sweet.

Got Elite Dangerous running on Linux today using a forked build of Proton. Super exciting and kills my last reason to really keep Windows around as a dual boot!

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