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I guess it's time to run a BBS again.

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Sad to say, those horizontal streaks in the image indicate emitter failure. It's been a good run (over 1 year on my homemade emitter!) but it's time to make a new one.

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physics is so fucking weird and wonderful???

the paper is titled:

"Lossless Brownian Information Engine"

and the abstract begins:

"We report on a lossless information engine that converts nearly all available information from an error-free feedback protocol into mechanical work."


#science #physics

It is $CURRENT_YEAR, don't allow your Windows machines to authenticate with NTLM to web proxies and other things. And don't forget to disallow firefox to do so too.

This attack tool listens to DHCPv6 requests that Windows send out unprovoked, sets their DNS to its own IPv6 address, which Windows automatically prioritizes over IPv4, then happily answers requests for web proxy autoconf.



/via @lobsters https://lobste.rs/s/wyyohz/mitm6_compromising_ipv4_networks_via

Everytime I look at something written in mathematical notation I can prevent myself from thinking "this is exactly what we do NOT want to do in programming: one letter variable, super super dense code, no comments, symbols/infix operators instead of obvious functions names"

And the result speak for itself : you need to **study math** things to understand it.

We you need to do that for programming you are just reading shitty code not meant to be share with humans.

Math is just shitty code.

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Quantum computers are just a Spectre attack on the fabric of the universe

Word of the Day
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noun Plural sulci
A groove or furrow, especially one on the surface of the brain.

Mid 17th century: from Latin, ‘furrow, wrinkle’.


Puzzling over the program code, Walter could almost feel the sulci of his brain wrinkling deeper. The code, while clear on its face, was bending his mind, something fierce. mastodon.art/media/pKx4TBvu4qO

I think some of those bumps are in fact bits of broken diatom. Be sure to zoom into that last one.

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There's a bump on the nub on the foram on the shell on the stage in the middle of my scope.

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