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reading this beautiful, mesmerizing book about love and war and it's so good it almost makes me forget that love doesn't exist

decided it's part of my game dev process to drive 2 hours to a small town to see the 1st gay country band in the world play in a dilapidated collectively run theater

who does small run printing for like calendars and stuff but like not for personal projects, for fundraisers and nonprofits

art skool is going pretty good again, provided i don't fuck it up 👍

happy to be in a program that values decolonial praxis

literally almost got gay bashed last week because this cis woman i hang out with wouldn't stop staring at the Mexican gang members in a bar and since i was the masc-of-center with her, her behavior was my responsibility

i literally cannot be in public with cis women lmao

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cis white and white-passing women are gonna get me killed with their idiot behavior

if i am wrong i am wrong but Nikkita Oliver is probably the next mayor of Seattle, though i am officially supporting Colleen Echohawk cuz one of the 2st things the City of Seattle did when it formed was ban all indigenous people from the city and there deserves to be an indigenous woman in charge

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spent my Juneteenth taking pictures for a friend's union event and the future mayor read a poem

will i be able to eat today, the surprisingly regular question

made the mistake of posting around that i'm curating an art show focusing on indigenous trans people and every response but one was white people either not reading the post or actively pretending to be indigenous 😫

when will signal do things like listen to abuse survivor's threat models regarding their product instead of putting time and enegy into media and attention farming advertisements

this meme is a masterclass in environmental storytelling

whoever is making YouTube and spotify money from ads when ppl play Infernal Noise Briagde and Tch'kung tracks... you better be giving that money to brown and black ppl and international uprisings


A young volunteer I work with doing community health outreach called me an uncle today and I am happy to announce I am now your transgender gay n8v uncle.

Now what you need to do is cause as much trouble as possible for white people and respect your aunties and the earth, ok.

(It goes without saying you should respect elders and stuff but I'm putting it here just in case.)

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