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someone should probably tell me not to do it but it's really cool, does anybody wanna take this course with me lol

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thinking about auditing this course on indigenous peoples and technoscience but i think i will also be in my thesis/portfolio semester then.

20th century science fiction really over estimated the popularity of lamé and to a lesser extent, velour

some well meaning idiot tried to invite me to Burning Man 36 hours ago and i'm still mad about it

why the heck would i want to spend thousands of dollars i do not have and waste my birthday week in a gated community with a bunch of obnoxious white folk when i could hang out with people i love

took a bike ride in the sun, did some gardening, primed some school work for tomorrow, gonna watch Gamera . pretty good day for living in a hateful empire during the last years of western civilization

people are still assuming i'm in my 20's when i'm closer to 40 and it's weird but also hello i have so much grey hair and crows feet idk how people get confused

bdsm, complaint, trauma 

i shouldn't have to unpack what it means socially and culturally to prioritize your pleasure over the safety and bodily autonomy of others so i won't here. we're all are aware and kind people, mostly.

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in Seattle i have a rule 

i will never have a career in "the industry" lmao

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in Seattle i have a rule 

i do not talk about game design or video games or tech stuff in general unless it is directly to and in service to BIPOC or sex worker communities

so a friend i've worked with all year in harm reduction was incredibly surprised when i told her my masters is in decolonial arts, interdisciplinary arts, and VIDEO GAMES

misread a spam email as "crush the petals of this flower to reverse visions of decline"

u ever watch a horror flick or series and be like wow so much of this could have been solved by talking about trauma and stuff lol

drinking TEA in a TEAHOUSE because i'm VACCINATED

tomorrow (Wednesday February 17, 2021 2:00pm - 3:30pm PST) Loretta Todd, one of the founders of IM4, a collective of indigenous matriarchs that teach immersive tech to indigenous people, will be speaking at my school on the making of the film Monkey Beach. she did Coyote Science last week because most people hadn't seen the movie yet.

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if you ever wanted to watch an indigenous elder talk about language, quantum physics, and indigenous vs western science, it exists and it's pretty cool

next week (Wednesday February 17, 2021 2:00pm - 3:30pm PST) my school is hosting a public talk from Loretta Todd on Coyote Science, a project on indigenous sciences and pedagogy aimed at children. it is free and open to the public

got my 2nd COVID vaccine injection and i came here to complain and be grunpy i guess

the fever and muscle aches are worse with the 2nd one and my life is unmanageable and my mental health precarious

i constantly have to choose between doing mutual aid work that saves lives and doing professional development that might get me a job (and therefore keep me fed and housed) and it's exhausting.

capitalism does not value human life and i hate it

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