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people please stop retooting the sex worker resource post, i have a spreadsheet and several orgs have some too. if you want resources or places to donate to just ask

blessedly virus and housemate free as of today and it feels good

y'all, the local network is severely taxed and my bandwidth is v slow, i assume because of everyone staying at home and streaming netflix.

is your internet having similar problems?

i love attending a decolonial college:

we introduce ourselves with which indigenous land we are living on, ignoring the illegitimate US and Canadian governments

my housemates have changed all the locks upstairs (i live in the basement) and nailed shut the inside access door to the basement so i cannot use my own kitchen.

this is my grandmother's house, they are tenants and at one point, people i considered friends.

luckily there is an external basement door as well, but if you're wondering how middle class white people in Seattle are handling the pandemic, that's basically it.

there is a much longer list now. if you want to donate, please contact me

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meanwhile your food comes from the food bank and you owe $50,000 in student loans (less than most!)

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do you ever schedule an email and be like "yo i'm a corporate master now. no more work for the week"

nice white white collar friend groupchat:

"i supported the local pizza place last night and gave them a good tip!"

*pictures of newly set up home office*

*pictures of pets*

my working class friends:
"just got laid off bc COVID, getting a job at the supermarket so i can pay rent & steal food"

sex worker mutual aid network:
"how many bunk beds can i fit in my living room and where is that paperwork to turn my house into an emergency shelter"

i am compiling a list of sex worker emergency funds, as we are often migrants, disabled, and/or gig workers without insurance or ability to claim unemployment

if you come across any i've missed, please tell me

Green Light Project

SWOP Brooklyn

SWARM (London)

Seattle area artist, freelancer, sex worker, POC, low income, etc covid-19 support & financial resource list

several years ago, maybe 5 or 6 or so, i decided to focus my energy on BIPOC & trans projects exclusively, unless i was offered a decent amount of money (because capitalism requires selling my labor)

this has built a mutual aid network that spans the globe and i am proud of my collaborators and friends

i've had a chronic cough since last August i guess that gives me more reason to avoid humans lol

a fun part of my life is telling people who don't care that i got home safe

just realized i have a relationship, because the internet is a valid place to love

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