someone should give me lots of money so i can go to the fancy transgender surgeon

cybre space is shutting down and i don't know if i care to join another instance for personal updates i don't really post anything personal anywhere cuz of stalkers.

my professional instance is @hexe you can follow me there if you wanna

the android app i use as part of my visual art workflow doesn't work on my linux laptop using anbox 😭

it is incredibly embarrassing that i went on "vacation", spent exactly 1 day napping and 1 day working to install an art show and then got COVID

i am literally unable to do anything other than work and be unwell :coolhhHHAAAHHH: oh wait you were making Joke weren't you does Atom play well with adult businesses?

the absolute zero response to an email newsletter i tried to launch recently is great bc it means i don't have to write content but also i'm old & don't want to have to update social media & deal with algorithms & haters stalking my feeds i just wanna send an email every 3 month

anybody know any email marketing/newsletter services that allow adult businesses other than Postr?

bonus is they're free/libre/open source

houseless politics, rumors, murder 

there's a rumor going around among the houseless population my colleagues in harm reduction work with that the mayor of Seattle is secretly hiring thugs to kill people living on the streets and in parks

it's a testament to how little trust the current mayor instills that my 1st reaction to that rumor was "oh yeah that's entirely plausible" despite having zero evidence either way, just vibes

houseless people have been getting shot though, most recent report is of an older man shot in the head in an alley at night

Happy 97th birthday to my grandmother, who passed from this plane into the next 3 days ago

dont thinknthe brainwashing is working dont wanna killa anyone

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i watch broadcast tv sometimes because im old and it makes me feel like im watching real television. i also use the closed caption subtitles (like an old) because i often mute it while playing music to work to.

they got stuck

late capitalism, fascism, illegitimate governments, and white supremacy is turning my hair grey

rediscovering how much i love taking pictures with friends :cyber_heart_sparkle:

it's not midnight yet there is still time for 3 ghosts to visit my previous employers and scare/guilt them into being paying me back for wage theft and discrimination

The amount of threat modeling and preparation I have to do for public social events and normal life in Seattle is never more acute than when I come home from out of town 😫

i am so bored of the concept of sex it's so dorky wtf

having never liked abstract impressionism i felt rather smug when i found out it was a CIA op

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