i watch broadcast tv sometimes because im old and it makes me feel like im watching real television. i also use the closed caption subtitles (like an old) because i often mute it while playing music to work to.

they got stuck

Have I mentioned I worked on this really cool calendar of harm reduction badasses? It's for sale currently and benefits community harm reduction efforts in Seattle. Contact me for info on how/where to get them!

this meme is a masterclass in environmental storytelling

cast a polymer skull on Christmas Day with a friend 💀😸

have i showed u my potatoes 

i showed u my potatoes pls respond

if u r in Seattle, come by and time travel with us (i recommend getting high for this show if you do that sort of thing)

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the show i am in is very cool and has cool lighting sections (it is entirely cool lighting sections)

why would i ever fuck for free with these amazing options spread before me

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