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houseless politics, rumors, murder 

there's a rumor going around among the houseless population my colleagues in harm reduction work with that the mayor of Seattle is secretly hiring thugs to kill people living on the streets and in parks

it's a testament to how little trust the current mayor instills that my 1st reaction to that rumor was "oh yeah that's entirely plausible" despite having zero evidence either way, just vibes

houseless people have been getting shot though, most recent report is of an older man shot in the head in an alley at night

houseless politics, rumors, murder 

@h3xtacy the sinister thing is that in the real world the way that would play out is someone just suggests (or coincidentally decides) to release violent offenders near the same area where vulnerable people are and let the rest take care of itself. Which was documented many times with Occupy Wall Street. Evil is banal.

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