why is application season for artists also during the busy season for service workers i ask u

ladies. gentlemen. enbies. the disgusting coward and fool luigi.

we here at antihornt gang have been working day and night to develop the technology that will prevent anyone from feeling horny, ever again. there has been a breakthrough.

many things were done today, none of them contribute to my deadline being met on time

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tarot cards say everything is gonna be ok and i have decided to believe them in absence of any better advice

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pls don't leave flyers for yr shady kink party disguised as consent checklists around my nightclub

picture your perfect man: he's tall and considerate, with gorgeous eyes and a gentle soul

maybe next year i will be ready to apply for dance residencies

scientists of the 'verse pls tell me u say "that's so science-y!" regularly

"that's pretty science-y!" - some scientist in this documentary 😂

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