have i showed u my potatoes 

thought i was gonna watch this panel but wow staring at my own face is painful and weird i'll just be in the chat to answer questions i guess

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if u ever wanted to know what my face looks like AMAZE festival is streaming the pre-recorded Decolonial Practices in Playful Media panel i am on in 25 min (10am PDT 19:00 Berlin)

describing Einsturzende Neubauten as "just vibing"

genuinely impressed by the AMAZE folks again, they've built not only a browser interface to experience their festival but also a downloadable game within which you can play the games & interact with the festival events & workshops (and it's mostly all free)

the 20-author Indigenous AI position paper was released into the wild today t.co/wGBGtnA3VG

funeral fundraiser 

big strong butch antifa himbo wants to be a professional cuddler and requests to exhibit his services to u free of charge

i am trying to keep morale up with my frontline harm reduction/street medic people in Seattle

pls send me your dankest queer/gay memes

is doing graffiti together a date?

i would like to do something extremely gay and very unAmercian today

if anyone saw the most recent performance i was in and read the chat logs (unlikely) i'm still waiting for someone to capture that stamp back

u can count coup, u just have to know what ur doin

mention of slavery 

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mention of slavery 

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it's weird i have to explain to white people all the time that the US constitution was copied (very badly) from the Haudonosaunee Confederacy

when i was reading cyberpunk novels as a tween in the 90's i never thought i would end up living in a time when the city labor council's meeting to remove the police union from their coalition would be zoombombed by hentai

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