trying to watch a feed of minneapolis burning while also finishing a tiny video game and

1. holy crap this dystopia is so much
2. don't talk to the press with your mask down kids, you're gonna get killed by the cops

indigenous resources on birdsite 

apparently the only people in this country who have gotten COVID were infected while visiting France

there's just so much to unpack here about race and colonialism and disease i can't not find it humorous

also, full disclosure; my mother is a very white, white lady

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so anyway, my mom currently lives in a small country on the west coast of Africa & some of the white Americans living there moved home bc they were told many of the local doctors wouldn't treat white ppl during the pandemic because that's where disease comes from & i... 😆

lewd, body fluids 

some of my academic source material that may be of interest to some: Making Kin with the Machines


definitely given up on being anon but yet to figure out how to be present in my own community, a memoir

why did it take me until COVID lockdown to find out there are drag queens in full makeup on twitch???

denied food assistance by the federal government today because i'm a student

denied financial aid from the federal govt for school because i skipped undergrad

can't work in non-pandemic times because i'm in school full time, chronically ill and blacklisted from doing sex work in the city i live in

bdsm, kink, not lewd 

pȟahíŋ = porcupine

gonna look up animal names in Lakota when ever i'm writing about one or see a cute pic online

y'all what happened to that gimp fork that just released that is supposedly better ux i can't find it anymore cuz i forgot to bookmark it

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