finished a residency application on a friday night cuz i like to party

how am i supposed to know if my new ghost boyfriend is in my hotel if they won't let me filter results by "haunted" and "boring"

why don't hotel searches include "haunted" as a search filter

brain pls return to shitposting i do not actually have energy to discourse

also hire hookers to do privacy consulting, infosec, UX, & project management

you'll figure out why

most reliable ppl nobody thinks are reliable & disciplined: dancers/performers

imagine how hard it was for the cops to find someone before Facebook

watching The Wire in 2019 is soothing because the cops still have to use old school wire taps and shit and even get warrants for them how quaint

gonna blame all my problems on my old job, fuck bosses

this meatsuit is in pain all the time and i am over it

gofundme, police murder, #BlackLivesMatter Show more

everything i touch is suffering and it is beautiful

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