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i've had my 1st dose of a COVID vaccine but will i be able to get the second dose?

nobody knows lmao

as i'm gearing up to write a replacement practicum report on the game i released in Oct bc the original project was postponed due to COVID i'm wondering if my faculty head is letting me coast or if i just normally have concurrent master's level projects going & didn't realize it.

I was an artist in residence at this pillar of the performance community in Seattle until they had to shut down at the end of December for the move caused by loss of operating funds due to the pandemic and it would be neat to be able to finish that residency in the future

If everything goes to plan I will be getting the 1st round of the COVID vaccine administered tomorrow.

I'm getting the Dolly Parton vaccine 😍

In 2015 I wrote about the game that was the precursor to Pokemon Go, Ingress. I have many critiques of my past self, this piece is pretty high on my critique meter.

1st, I didn't address ableism and that is a shitty omission. 2nd, I should never have given credence and weight to the publisher, who regularly published bad takes regarding marginalized people and built her brand on other people's unpaid labor. The contributors to this blog were easily discarded and forgotten about in order to further her career, and I expect the guests on her current project, a podcast, will be as well.

can't remember if i posted the last game i released because i was under NDA until it premiered at the imagineNative festival in October and then i just forgot i guess.

anyways, here it is:

long walk in the rain?

as an immigrant who works in germany the BeSD has always been extremely racist and unhelpful. Just putting this here for any non germans watching this talk

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ty for educating non sex workers. pls note that the restrictions on payment processors like paypal and credit cards re:sex work is because the US criminalizes sex work and most online payment processors are based in the US

cast a polymer skull on Christmas Day with a friend 💀😸

do not follow, like, subscribe

please do fold, spindle, mutilate

do not wish to be percieved

thank you

if you, like me, are interested in tech based art, AI ethics, and Lakota ontology this talk may interest you

trafficking, brothel keeping 

i gotta do a logo what's yr fav

tech problem: important emails keep disappearing from my artist email. i've contacted my hosting company before and they were kinda rude and promised it was fixed

however, stuff like contracts and artist passes to festivals i'm showing work in disappear and reappear days or weeks after the event

1. WTF
2. how do i talk to my hosting company about this

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