i found out today that
1. my underwear was inside out
2. one of my deadlines is friday instead of in july

it's time to delete all my bad mental health toots and go back to only posting emojo

also can someone pls write a book titled LIFE WITHOUT BOSSES about independent hookers and the complications within

anyway, i did, recently, but it will probably never be public because it was for a small tabletop RPG that does a podcast and nobody will notice

realized all my sex work fantasy writing included a brothel or a boss, and that's ridiculous because i've only had a boss for the 1st 2 years of my 10 years in sex work. WHY AM I NOT WRITING ABOUT LIFE WITHOUT BOSSES

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please help

the most important sex work skill is having good boundaries lol

i have told this man he is client material and nothing else and yet i want to sex him for free and i am v annoyed with myself

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