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I’m actually really pleased with all I got done but also feel a little listless because there’s still so much to do, but I think the important thing to do next here is to actually *document* my work so that I have an artefact I can look at and go “shit that was a lot of effort I put in to that”. This is apparently important for my own self validation.

Added to that I need to build up a body of work for this EMF talk which I still haven’t got a running time for…

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After 3 days of 9front work, a day of my actual job is going to be an interesting transition.

As mentioned in the alt text, I accidentally drew the original in an order that was mirrored along the x axis, so the numbers are mirrored along the x axis but given it's horizontally symmetrical I think we can let that go for now!

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After having gotten over the hilarity of yesterday evening's discovery, I took a little bit of a closer look at my results. Obviously, the result is entirely hinging on aspects of the implementation, not least that the starting configuration was drawn by hand so it's unbalanced.

The *really* interesting observation is what's happened to Tiphereth (labelled as 5 in the diagram below). It has gone from the most central position to having flipped outside of the configuration meaning that the central pillar runs mostly up the left hand side. You can see that this would have happened because all the forces are exerted by the paths, and I set all of their resting lengths and restitution coefficients to be equal (the best example of this being 8-9, which will be at the target length due to no competing forces). Because Tiphereth has most links, the lowest energy configuration is if it flips to the outside.

We're going to call this phenomenon "Tiphereth Inversion"

Wow this really is the dumbest shit I've done yet and I am so very here for it.

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I'd always hoped the secrets of the universe would fall out of this project. I'd also always suspected the universe was an asshole.

Whenever I'm right it's never a good thing.

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That awkward moment when you finally realize that your coefficient of restitution parameters were way too high and your simulation of the restitution forces in the Tree of Life were actually well into exhibiting chaotic behaviour so you run another simulation only to realize that without anything to give the angles any rigidity what you've really done is accidentally use computational alchemy to deduce the "Mocking Etz Chaim".


Fucking looool

Whilst working on Other Stuff, I decided to exercise my curiosity on whether @kvik's port of lua to Plan 9 ( would successfully run Fennel ( and the results are hilarious. Here is a screenshot of me literally downloading the fennel script, chmodding it so it'll run, fixing up the #! and then using the fennel repl to take a screenshot of the window I did it all in.

I wasn't expecting to have that degree of success so quickly!

Managed to fix up some of my keyboard text selection in rio to play a bit nicer with mouse text selection, now working on a sam hack to give a visual indication of mode shifting (ESC to toggle) which I’m pretty sure I’m like 90% of the way on, then I can port across my improved keyboard text selection from rio.

Not exactly the occult bits and bobs I had in mind but I have a couple of days in hand and it’s a good ramp up at any rate.

Watching the early signs of capitalism eating itself like self-service checkouts that are understaffed for the spot checks and age approvals, and delivery companies who don’t notice they’ve not picked up your item unless you tell them and then don’t have a phone number that works to rectify the situation.

Nothing works any more.


Sorry I am a bad alt-text provider, this is the "is this a pigeon" meme template and the guy is labelled nslookup, the butterfly is labelled NXDOMAIN and the guy is saying "is this a response from a server that doesn't support recursion?"

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grimmware relayed
grimmware relayed

tfw you ask someone a question and they start trying to solve the problem they think you're probably angling towards and you just need them to ask the actual question you're actually asking right now because you know what you're doing.

Today I’ve made up for talking nonstop whilst being brutalised with a 25 curved magnum tattoo needle yesterday by disassociating in front of a nice computer game called Red Dead Redemption 2 which is all about nice horsies. And being a terrible bastard.

Tomorrow I’m going to go see some stoner doom at a festival in Camden.

On Monday I’m going to honour the fact that my EMFcamp talk has been accepted by writing more code rather than writing a talk about the code I already have.

A solid weekend.

fresh tattoo, heavy blackwork, needles 

Got tattooed yesterday, my left arm towards my “solve et coagula” tattoo. Much more work to go in to it, and the pictures don’t really do the shape or the detail any justice. We’re also going to be flanking either side with thinner lines and continuing up to my shoulder, and then doing the same on the other arm.

mental health, anxiety 

You can see where the fascination with the power of belief systems comes from - I can create problems for myself using the power of thought alone! Imagine if I could use that for something that wasn’t utterly pointless!

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mental health, anxiety 

I can’t speak for anyone else but I feel like learning to live with anxiety is really just recognising the shape and feel of it, and whilst obviously participating in it to grow an ability to observe it impartially at the same time…

Like I’ve been super stressed out by work recently and now that I’m beginning to feel anxiety about other things there’s an odd elation that the shift toward being anxious about things in my REAL life means I’m simply coming back to spending most of my attentions on my real life.

I’m off to get tattooed today, and late last night I had tattoo anxiety which I get when I’m tired, I was fine this morning when I woke up and now I have social anxiety to go and hang out with some people that I like.

Real dumb shit but it’s just how my brain works - looking for potential problems.

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