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With stratospherically rising fuel costs (amongst everything else) I could really do with securing a few more sponsors for

If you have any pointers for companies that might be interested, I'd really appreciate them!


Looks like we're taking this show on the road!

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@cyanidedansen hello! Listening to your latest on Bandcamp right now and I gotta say I love meeting people so diversely talented! I’m a bassist (albeit a very solo one who never actually records anything) so I’m totally in the other end of the spectrum from trebly square waves hahah

Hello, I’m Grimmware and I like to read books on magic and occultism and then translate those systems into code for Plan 9 from Bell Labs. I try to apply a rationalist credulity to magical and archetype systems, and I’m a big fan of using divination systems as a psychological prompt for learning and growing. I like operating systems, retro computers and digital electronics.

In my work life, I do defensive systems security and visibility.

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In other related news, I had wanted to do an actual visual spread using `rio`, `page` and some rc but you can't supply the intended size of a `page` window from the CLI and I'd apparently decided it was difficult to patch in.

Fast-forward to yesterday morning when I took another look, did like, a 5-line change in `page` to have it support a fit-to-width command-line flag. Don't need explicit dimension setting cos you can do that with `window` instead and then just fit-to-width!

The upshot of this is that TarotFS should support visual spreads if you patch your `page`. I'll see if I can get the patch upstream in 9front.

Tomorrow I'm keeping a normal working day schedule, except I'm going to be doing Plan 9 wizard shit instead of my job because it's a national holiday.

Thanks for coopting pagan festivals Jesus, you died for our day off <3

Honestly I think my only real goal in life now is to build up a sufficient body of work to run a cyber-wizard yurt at EMFCamp 2024

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Explaining 'racism' to White people is like trying to say you've seen a ghost.

They wont believe you, full-stop.

You've got the proof. "Ehh, you're seeing things".

"This happened!!", you exclaim

You get nothing but "yeah, well, prove it".

How do I prove anti-Blackness to an anti-Black world?

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@somarasu this is like Morpheus explaining the Matrix:

"The Racism is everywhere. It is all around us. Even now, in this very room. You can see it when you look out your window or when you turn on your television. You can feel it when you go to work... when you go to church... when you pay your taxes."

(except he then this black man makes a slavery comparison to/for the white protagonist, and that's where that parallels to reality fall apart.)

Sometimes I look up at the moon at night, especially when I’m a car as a passenger, and think “the moon is suspect as fuck”.

It’s always up there.

Sometimes I wonder if neural networks feel pleasure or pain as part of reinforced learning or training.

Well I may have just made Google’s translate algorithms immune to torture by getting them to translate a Latin spell from Le Petit Albert…

Over the last few days events have transpired that made me realise that rather than failing to set others up for success, I'm actually going above and beyond they are in fact failing to capitalize on the help I'm providing and actually turning my help into more fruitless work for me, and distracting me from people who'd benefit from my attentions.

Every lesson I learn on caring about people is "be more judicious who you care about".

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I'm a little sad that I haven't posted much original or interesting content lately. Been spending all of energies on work with nothing really left for creative endeavors.

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I've started from a series of opcodes and am building my way up to actual programs, and at each step of the way, I get these kind of "stop reinventing the wheel", or "isn't this a solved problem".

I feel like a lot of these people have somehow bought into the myth of progress, or think that we're somehow smarter than people of the past, or that we've ascended from the old problems.

We're both looking at each other like, you're the foolish one. Computer science is too young to calcify.

What do other people do to process their emotions healthily? Other than talking to people (which I do a lot).

Trying to convince my brain to make the happy hormones instead of the sad ones by reasoning out that if it doesn't then we'll die sad because we apparently agreed early on that it would always look for hard problems to solve so it's a bit fucking late for it to be sad that our life is all bullshit difficult problems.

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