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„The monsters of the city“
A collage I created last year. It‘s a digital collage from a pic i took in my hometown Frankfurt (GER).

#art #collage #monster #city #frankfurt #kunst

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This really hits close to home. The same definitely applied when I had to train people on ConfigMgr at my last job.

Apologies for the *terrible* processing on the photo, the contrast on the tandy is shit :P

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Managed to get on gridchat on the Tandy by spawning a TTY over a USB serial cable to my Linux laptop and running 9gc

This has also enabled me to have more of my magic books to hand <3

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Rejigged my working space and now have my left-hand desk dedicated to dark deeds.

It’s good to have this stuff set up properly - having a space that’s always ready for tarot or whichever grimoire I want to inspect is great, and having 9front set up for reference or use of TarotFS (or tattva or Qabalah Space Program) really unifies and rounds the whole thing out.

I’ve been good and gone for a run whilst my SO has a video call. I made sure to take my keys so I wouldn’t disturb her coming back, but I forgot to take the other keys out of the inside of the door 🙃

On the plus side it’s my time off and I don’t have to be anywhere so sitting on the nice cool doorstep listening to Sisters of Mercy and just generally feeling pretty chill - they’ll be done in 20 :)

That wonderful stage of burnout where you don't want to do *anything*.

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*Types one letter into an email address form field*

Website: WRONG

In which a person explores the marketing claim that you could use a ZX81 to control a nuclear power station by both writing the control software *and* doing the simulation in 16K of RAM.

Guess I'm going to be finally getting tape loading working on the ZX81 over the holidays now there's some software that's worth running on it!

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"Distributed" doesn't need blockchain. That's just your stupid weak-ass excuse for monetization.

Do better.

Current retrocomputing state of play:
* Tandy 1400LT - starts up and will boot into ELKS but not DOS!
* ZX81 - power supply built, composite mod installed, keyboard built, working up the confidence to build flashable banked ROM (got all the parts)
* BBC Micro B - Power supply recapped. Intermittently shits the bed, probably needs a full recap
* Apple II - Boots BASIC but shits the bed when trying to run it and drops to the system monitor - suspect RAM or ROM problems
* Basically never tried to turn on: 2x ZX Spectrum, Macintosh 68k, Amiga 500, Atari 1040ST

A beautiful hoary artifact turned up today. “Work” may involve incense, a mixtape and not really doing any work. The @helveticablanc translucent page is just gorgeous.

@ritualdust this is so beautiful and I’m looking forward to spending my living moments on it.

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Where can I buy COVID rapid tests in Toronto? :boost_ok:

COVID-19 testing shysters 

When optioning a COVID test provider, check out the “Related” domains on VirusTotal to see how many other testing company domains resolve to the same IP address, and look up the company’s registered meatspace address and do the same. Finally, see if their phone number connects. There are a scary number of “government approved” testing companies that don’t have the capacity to provide the service they promise, make egregious mistakes that cost the consumer a lot of money, and then have completely uncontactable customer service.

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Anyone else ever lead incident response for a big security incident and after handing it over had this weird compulsive FOMO about it? Like, even when you know that things have mostly stopped going on you feel like you should be providing context and directing people?

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