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Anyone else ever lead incident response for a big security incident and after handing it over had this weird compulsive FOMO about it? Like, even when you know that things have mostly stopped going on you feel like you should be providing context and directing people?

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@neauoire I think when radicals grow up they need to recognise when they're not radical any more and are now at the top punching down.. and make space for the next generation.

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Stop making things that you think people want and just make the things you enjoy making.

People want that thing more, they don't really know what they want.

It’s been a day. Tell me something that made you smile.

Fuck me I am *all over* the fedi today because I have slides to write for a talk tomorrow.

If they're on my computer, they're my bytes.

You know you're existentially tired when your brain refuses to do what you tell it to:

Me: Best get out my notebook to plan out what I should be working on to help me stay on task...
Brain: That's real good and imma let you finish but let's find out if Cistercian numerals are supported by UTF-8 first.

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idea: programming languages that are optimised for distribution via oral tradition

For some reason I can’t get MS DOS 3.20 to boot from a floppy but ELKS boots just fine and I’m excited to say it comes with IP over serial (both SLIP and CSLIP) built in so I’ll be playing with that real soon.

On ELKS it seems to have to do a lot of retries when reading the boot disk, so I’m considering taking the drive apart to try to clean the head. I need to take the other one apart anyway as it has some mechanical failures. I don’t know if the DOS disk drivers are as resilient to intermittent failures - it would certainly explain why.

Oh no it’s that feeling of powerlessness when you’re dragged into a world you don’t want to come to fruition which, inevitably, will.

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Prompted by people sharing on gridchat, this is where the magic happens.

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take me down to parallax city where the back moves slow and the front moves quickly

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Tfw you think you’d make a great Bene Geserit but you’re a dude and not nearly Kwisatz Haderach material.

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