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Yeah that's right keep patching over the cracks instead of admitting that it requires *manual work* to filter *racist trash* out of a corpus of *internet sourced speech*.

If "Machine Learning" systems are going to be trained on the current state of the world, they will simply catalyse and polarise it.

Absence of a guiding hand is abdication of responsibility.

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It all returns to nothing,
It just keeps tumbling down, tumbling down, tumbling down.


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Woe betide the hapless recruiter who emails me directly and then claims to have found my information on LinkedIn where an email address is nary to be seen.

Further woe betide them when they admit to scraping my GitHub and I share the screenshot of my top pinned repository: “do_not_scrape_my_contact_information_i_will_get_angry”

If you wanna continue we can talk about spam law too.

The same Delaurence Company of Chicago still listed on Jamaica’s Customs website as one of two examples of publishers of obscene print works that are not allowed in the country

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This is the Delaurence Company, publishers of occult works (some original, some straight up ripped off) since 1892.

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Oh wow the Delaurence catalogue is still a thing (or at least it still was when they updated their website in 2013) and it is straight up fuckin wild

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Software: horrible insinuations you make to otherwise innocent CPUs that go on to cause great sandness and gnashing of teeth.

Today @mgdm linked me a blog post that had been on HN about making deals with devils and it was all I could do to not print it out and go over it with a red pen correcting it.

Fun fact about me: my right nipple is always safe during demon summonings as it is protected by a Seal of Solomon tattoo.

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hot computers running too many tabs (more than 1) on chrome want to know your location

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Dear software: stop pretending to be my friend.

Firefox's insistence on congratulating me every time I've opened 100 container tabs on every install of Firefox makes me want to throw up in my mouth a little bit.

Why the fuck is that even there? To make you think your browser is your friend who celebrates your completely banal and arbitrary milestones? Because opening up 100 container tabs is somehow good and positive?

How about let me fuzzy match the container names by typing them so I can do all the requisite operations quickly on a keyboard instead of adding completely pointless gamification that doesn't even achieve anything.

Browsers are trash.

Off for more tatts part 2: Electric Boogaloo.

My nips are safe this time, they made their sacrifice already.

Don’t get tattooed on your nipples. It really fucking hurts.

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it's only malloc if it's from the dynamic region of libc; otherwise it's just sparkling allocation

A suggestion I’ve not seen yet in permacomputing discussions is to bundle all your dependencies where possible or at least archive them along with the code. It kinda makes the language choice comparatively moot.

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