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Off for more tatts part 2: Electric Boogaloo.

My nips are safe this time, they made their sacrifice already.

Don’t get tattooed on your nipples. It really fucking hurts.

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it's only malloc if it's from the dynamic region of libc; otherwise it's just sparkling allocation

A suggestion I’ve not seen yet in permacomputing discussions is to bundle all your dependencies where possible or at least archive them along with the code. It kinda makes the language choice comparatively moot.

TFW you're shitposting because the time between now and your next meeting is not enough to do anything actually meaningful.

If you use the term "hairshirt computing" as a pejorative then I'm complaining at you. 

People who say "I'm tired of all these articles on hairshirt computing" aren't nearly as tired of the articles as the people who have their hobbies grouped together and disregarded on the basis of them not being designed for the commenter are of hearing the term "hairshirt computing".

If you see something that's designed for someone other than you, go find something that *is* and buoy that up instead of painting people who are different from you as idiots.

Shitting on people's personal projects and technological experiments just means there's less variety in the world to choose from.

As shared with me by the wonderful @mgdm, using crystals for Dark Deeds just got even darker as it turns out one of the side-effects of doing nuclear explosive tests is you can end up creating Icosahedrite which is a quasi-crystal with fivefold symmetry such that x-ray crystallography imaging produces a pentagram.


@khm yo, was just checking out and it looks like the "mercurial hosting support for werc (1)" might not be needed any more given 9 has switched to git. I dunno if that's a factor.

Anyway, just thought you might want a heads up that it's still there :)

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british politics and racism in which Tories implicitly admit that they care more about police and capitalism (systems that are systematically racist in this country) than they do about black people.

Fucking fascists.

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FAANG but it's Daleks with CORRELATE written on them.

We all know this isn't knowledge. It's pre-rational superstition at the highest level; the handing of social weaponry to creatures below the point of self-awareness let alone logic and consequence. Throwing out the window all philosophy, all history, all reason. Animistic mobs of electrons.

Trying not to disassociate entirely from other humans and not doing a very good job.

Everyone makes me feel so deeply and existentially tired.

It's stuff like this that makes you feel as if a follow on social media is an endorsement of some kind because it makes you feel as if trying to understand someone's point of view is somehow giving them something they wouldn't otherwise have.

I'm very aware that I sometimes have to fight myself to not unfollow people or otherwise disassociate myself from them when they have a belief that I don't agree with. Does that one belief negate everything else we have in common? Does that belief actually make them a bad person? Only trying to understand where the belief comes from and what motivates it helps me make that decision.

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I still find it very difficult to square with people who say "I don't understand why people X" because it's a statement of identity which conflates disagreement with ignorance.

It's fine to disagree with someone, it's also fine to not seek to understand someone on the basis that you disagree with them - there are so many hours in the day and you're not obliged to commit them to division over commonaity...

But I don't think it's very clever to dismiss people you disagree with on lack of perceived reason without actually looking for any.

Oh my god I've just remembered when I wrote a piece on NGE for my GCSE English coursework when I was like, 16.

And I got a really good grade for it too!

Not to be too crass here but Evangelion is better than Wikipedia for following hints on "apocryphal" Abrahamic mythology.

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"As a scientist I have become mistrustful of the storyteller who lives in my mind and come to realize that I must not put much confidence in their story. On the other hand, it would not be good to ignore them altogether, since their story generally has some foundation of truth more especially in those anecdotes that concern me intimately. " - Sir Arthur Eddington

There are lots of people who are more creative with restrictions. The disparate people, however, benefit from disparate restrictions.

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