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If I don’t want people to know about my ideas I don’t tell anyone because that’s how it works but okay fine we’re all pretending it’s not because people wanted to have more than other people and that was important.

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The concept of intellectual property just blows my mind though.

Like, “hey here’s my idea pretend that you don’t know it though because I demand to be the only person who makes money off of this thing that is now a fact”.

Like fucking okay dude but you’re asking me to pretend that this thing that you conceptually gave away isn’t fucking obvious now we all know it.

I now own the concept of intellectual property. I bought it for $5 CAD. You're all losers for not thinking of it first.

Waiting for all the royalties to come rolling in to my bank account...

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Some progress on my 3D finger client, it now reads people to finger from a file and randomize their position. Also the content is becoming readable

I've been playing with plan9 for a few days now and whilst I'm still not a fan of the mouse-driven interface for sitting at a screen, it struck me that if you wanted to do collaborative computing with a modern VR setup, plan9 and a rio-alike modified for VR would probably be the perfect interface.

My need to qualify this to strangers on the internet is not a particularly self-serving trait.

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I don't really believe in "fortunes" but I do believe in the use of ritual, symbolism and randomization to catalyze the decision-making process and as a tool to manifest intent into reality.

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I started doing a couple of tarot spreads after @tj very kindly sent me a deck and they keep telling me to chill tf out and stop synthesizing problems and I feel very seen.

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i never actually hacked anything, the corporate computer systems just gave up the secrets on their own, because i'm simply this queer and hot

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Ok, I can't sit on this any longer. I'm not just playing otomes all day. I'm also making one with my long time collaborator, Io :D

Please get ready for some terrible dating experiences because Dates & Wires, the slavpunk mini-dating sim based on our comic, is happening

ukpol, male violence against women, policing 

The current clusterfuck that's going on between policing and protest in the UK has piggybacked on the tragic news that a young woman was kidnapped and murdered on her way home, probably by a police officer.

This wouldn't be the argument we're having if people in power weren't so wholly in the habit of obfuscating the will of the electorate to the degree that the only way you can have your voice heard in a meaningful way is to *gather en masse*.

Criminalizing in-person gatherings during a global pandemic would be a lot more palatable if protest didn't seem like the only way of being heard.

blockchain complaining 

I’m starting to get this nervous tick where any time I see the term “NFT” I punch myself in the face.

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“We talk about our research. They are all so interested. We are very committed to diversity, the director says. She talks about her commitment over and over... The occasion becomes about the enthusiasm of the white management. It becomes about their commitment to diversity. Commitment can even be a strictly monetary device; the amount they spend on us becomes a sign of their commitment... Each expression of enthusiasm becomes a reminder of a debt.”
- ibid

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@grimmware I read it in a history of telegraphy, possibly apocryphal story: Western Union had to decide between upper or lower case, and all the usability studies favored lower, but the CEO said something like "You cannot spell the name of the creator in lowercase!"

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Can someone just pay me to do weird shit instead of my actual job?

I'm seeing cryptoart float around as a topic a lot and quite frankly RIP humanity for trying to make digital art scarce because capitalism says that anything which is easily available is essentially worthless.

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