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Imagine building your entire platform with the USP of "moar free speech than other businesses" and then relying on those other businesses to serve your customers with no contingency plan at all and failing to secure any of the data.

But sure, the users should be mad at Amazon. Why not.

The ZX81 keyboard PCBs show up on Monday and I finally found an eBay seller that does PCB mount cherry clones (Gaterons) on the cheap so I got 40 of them on the way from China.

The upcycled machine will be called the Grimmclair ZX87. Fingers crossed the PCB works!

Sure 2021 may or may not be better or worse.

But let’s just take a moment and remember that there’s a deeper and more visceral, certain, fateful meaning to New Year.

Fuck the previous year.

Dancing on that fucker’s grave like it personally did to you what it did to you.

The celebration that something is leaving and is making room for something better or worse.

Fuck your 2020. Those of us that left during you hated you, and those of us left survived you. Get rekt.

Try not to hide your failures - you never know who might be looking up to you and getting the mistaken impression that all you have are successes.

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Sometimes when I'm explaining the design of software I've written to someone they'll say "how did you know about all of this stuff?" and I recognise the momentary fear of imposter syndrome - they think this is passive knowledge that they should have.

And I say "I literally learned about it by writing this piece of software wrong about 9892347239 times".

I don't do things after I've learned about them, I learn by doing and attempting things that you don't know how to do is the best way I've found to push myself forward. The real trick is finding the sweet spot where you think you *might* actually be successful in your attempt.

grimmware relayed

People are so focussed on making the stock price go "up and to the right" and I'm here sitting in the back throwing pennies yelling "make it go left you cowards".

Well I can tell that this week is going to be an exercise in extreme fuck-mustering.

I've got that feeling like I've been doing something wrong but apparently that's just how I feel when I interact with people and I've been trying to ignore it and interact with them anyway.

In the past I’ve often felt like I don’t want to post about my interest in occultism on the basis that it would take too long to contextualise about my actual belief system but I’ve come to realise that I don’t really give a shit if people think I’m nuts (to use the colloquial) because typically people a) don’t care as long as you’re effective and b) have less of an understanding of what they actually think than of what they want to project that they think.

tl;dr: I’m not in to seeking approval from people who are as confused as I am ;)

My favourite parts of Cyberpunk 2077 so far are when I’m walking down a busy city street toward some goal or another and I get a message and I stop for a second to text back and then move on.

London is 20 minutes away and I miss it so hard.

Yeah the more I think about this the more I realise that I’m occasionally losing control of my faculties and recoiling in horror at the universe and honestly I’d prefer it were more afraid of me than I am of it.

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Sometimes I lose perspective in the same way you might lose atmosphere shortly after you’re warned of “fatal decompression”.

Talking with humans on the internet is a fucking minefield.

I feel like the table stakes are constantly justifying and contextualizing myself and I'm exhausted from it.

That's a very nice stack limit you have there, it would be a shame if someone were to `BPF_PERCPU_ARRAY(event_builder, struct data_t, 1)`

I think I’m gonna VLAN the shit out of this thing I don’t trust it :(

Nothing like Microsoft to sour the PC upgrade experience. I’ve been cleaning and upgrading this thing all fucking day.

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