Dear software: stop pretending to be my friend.

Firefox's insistence on congratulating me every time I've opened 100 container tabs on every install of Firefox makes me want to throw up in my mouth a little bit.

Why the fuck is that even there? To make you think your browser is your friend who celebrates your completely banal and arbitrary milestones? Because opening up 100 container tabs is somehow good and positive?

How about let me fuzzy match the container names by typing them so I can do all the requisite operations quickly on a keyboard instead of adding completely pointless gamification that doesn't even achieve anything.

Browsers are trash.

Off for more tatts part 2: Electric Boogaloo.

My nips are safe this time, they made their sacrifice already.

Don’t get tattooed on your nipples. It really fucking hurts.

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it's only malloc if it's from the dynamic region of libc; otherwise it's just sparkling allocation

@schnittchen @fribbledom Definitely an anxiety cutout or a care overflow valve.

@schnittchen @fribbledom I came for the cyberpunk ideations and stayed for the sheer fucking wisdom of the people who've posted in it so far.

A suggestion I’ve not seen yet in permacomputing discussions is to bundle all your dependencies where possible or at least archive them along with the code. It kinda makes the language choice comparatively moot.

re: If you use the term "hairshirt computing" as a pejorative then I'm complaining at you. 

@fsan low resource or retro computing mostly (people running CP/M and the like or the Gemini protocol as examples)

TFW you're shitposting because the time between now and your next meeting is not enough to do anything actually meaningful.

@neauoire Behave yourself or Devine will put you on the pickling shelf in the dark space. ~ Traditional German folklore (probably)

If you use the term "hairshirt computing" as a pejorative then I'm complaining at you. 

People who say "I'm tired of all these articles on hairshirt computing" aren't nearly as tired of the articles as the people who have their hobbies grouped together and disregarded on the basis of them not being designed for the commenter are of hearing the term "hairshirt computing".

If you see something that's designed for someone other than you, go find something that *is* and buoy that up instead of painting people who are different from you as idiots.

Shitting on people's personal projects and technological experiments just means there's less variety in the world to choose from.

@aphyr more to the point, users who file such *aggressive* remote reports are demanding that you censor yourself in the name of their totally unexplained reasons. If someone won’t proactively meet you half way in attempting to solve *their* problem then speculatively solving their problem for them is reinforcing their behaviour at best and more likely than not going to result in further demands made.

Fuck em. If they want an internet with internet police, go to literally any other social media outlet.

@ritualdust I really want to get some cuneiform text tattooed but that presents the problem of getting something accurately translated. I have half a mind to just get the Ea-Nasir complaint tablet if I can find a good rendering in UTF-8 because a) lol and b) ololol

As shared with me by the wonderful @mgdm, using crystals for Dark Deeds just got even darker as it turns out one of the side-effects of doing nuclear explosive tests is you can end up creating Icosahedrite which is a quasi-crystal with fivefold symmetry such that x-ray crystallography imaging produces a pentagram.


@khm yo, was just checking out and it looks like the "mercurial hosting support for werc (1)" might not be needed any more given 9 has switched to git. I dunno if that's a factor.

Anyway, just thought you might want a heads up that it's still there :)

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british politics and racism in which Tories implicitly admit that they care more about police and capitalism (systems that are systematically racist in this country) than they do about black people.

Fucking fascists.

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