@irl @Fellmoon @solene heh, same but mine was made in Microsoft Publisher and it was about the Redwall books.

@neauoire @roadriverrail @d I love that the characters are given such strong individual identity in that movie and that it runs consistently from aesthetic taste all the way down to technical approach.

Computing has lost a *lot* of aesthetic along the road.

Be Kind Rewind - Format wars 

@pixouls @neauoire yep, it's just an IRC channel on the freenode server and a bunch of people join via matrix.

I don't cos I'm stuck in my ways ;)

@neauoire @pixouls A further expansion of "we" being @Famicoman and @tj amongst others, @Famicoman notably did a bunch of the work on the zine.

@neauoire @pixouls if you like it we (some internet friends and I) run the kind-of-official-but-not-really-broadcast-anywhere -o-d-e channel on freenode :)

@phryk I thought we were waiting for him and Bezos to be on Mars at the same time and then engaging the rocket boosters to blast it out of orbit.

@solene I finally got around to installing this and the irony wasn't lost on me that it wasn't packaged for my distro with a `man` page.

@ajroach42 Yeah I'm also pretty skeptical.

I don't think the motivations of the current market are amenable to empowering users to privately store their own data on a long-term basis with no recurring costs - quite the opposite!

The technology industry is making a concerted reach in the direction of rent-seeking and I'd love to see any project that looks to solve this problem for people who want to invest in a problem solved as opposed to a mechanism to accrue currency ad nauseum.

@ajroach42 so I appreciate this doesn’t answer your question *now* but I’m very interested in whether en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/5D_opt will ever become commodity storage.

I feel like the most viable option right now is hard drives and to keep the data “alive” by periodically re-archiving it and always having some form of redundancy.

Also a feel you in the “clay tablets” answer, Twitter et al have ruined discourse such that an honest question is perceived as a platform on which you can demonstrate how glib and clever you are :(

Anyone with ZX81 experience who wants to help me get the zeddy booting again, I've posted my diagnostics thus far on sinclairzxworld.com/viewtopic.

@solene you know it’s one of those things that’s popped up a bunch of times and I’ve gone “oh that’s neat!” but then I immediately forget about it as soon as I actually sit down at a computer!

Sounds pretty up my street though, especially if I can grab a periodic archive for offline use :)

@solene oh my god that means you are my favourite kind of person <3

“Examples” has to be my top search string in man pages.

@mgdm I think the premise of Pocket is that you’ll ever just be sitting around and go “I wonder what’s in my Pocket backlog”?

Personally I found that it’s a great idea in theory but its utility hinges on the development of a habit, which feels like a bit of a catch 22 and also a bit YAGNI in the sense that if I were going to start reading it I would have done it already!

So I archive things for reference at a later date, so usually if I’ve read it (or part of it) once already and I think there will be some utility in having it permanently.

I keep it all in a repo with my “grimmoire” notes so it almost feels like digital scrapbooking!

@irl Yeah, there's something strangely compelling about fizzy tobacco water that really makes you want to savor it...

I'm the same, coke or red bull I just hoon through without noticing I'm drinking it.

@irl Yeah Hannah got us a crate of the big bottles about a month ago as a one-off thing and I've been nursing the last few.

All I want to do is futz around with the zeddy to figure out why it's not booting correctly and I have taken a solid set of scope readings to share on some forums to ask for help but I a) have to work and b) am too tired from work.

But in my mind I'm getting really ahead of myself in modding BIOS ROMs on more than just the ZX81

@gemlog I use git-annex for any kind of file archiving because it's designed for curating and version controlling archives without necessarily actually having to have the binary content locally, and it's really easy to send and receive files over ssh.

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