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I accidentally searched for "Astrology software" instead of "Astronomy software" and aesthetically I'm obsessed.

Friends don't let friends `syntax enable` in their neovim init.vim.

No seriously you can trigger some very hard to track down bugs, neovim does this automatically *after* sourcing your init.vim

I lost about a day and a half to this.

Feeling wildly unapologetic and inadaptable due to existence’s inadaptability to me. Fuck em.

@badsirbrian Yeah I think it's the idea of using a computer for something you actually care about rather than something that economics tells you is valuable - like artisinal computing, you know? The UXN community and retrocomputing enthusiasts are really good at this kind of thing I feel.

I also kind of want more people to make the internet weird again because the FAANG companies and adjacents have really pushed us all toward the middle of the bell curve, and it's pretty much just a cultural hegemony of capitalists who've colonized the internet and made it banal and mundane.

Oh apparently I’m combining Goetia today in order to cope with my life. That’s cool too.

Adam Curtis on ecology 

@natecull @pettter yeah legit, there's some pretty strong Dunning-Kruger when it comes to STEM types approaching subjects outside of their area of expertise when the information is presented in such a way that seems to credit them with intelligence. We're very susceptible to flattery when it comes to our intelligence :P

Adam Curtis on ecology 

@natecull @pettter

"I won't enjoy it, but I guess I have to as a sort of misguided ethical duty."

Just don't feel obligated to try to understand somebody who's not really gone out of their way to be understood - sometimes people get the hot takes they deserve, not because the hot takes match them but because of the variance of interpretation they invite!

I've learned the hard way that I hold myself to a higher standard of self-correction than most people and largely all that gets you is burned out on trying to be well informed and correct in a world that only pretends to value it and will in no way reward anyone proportionately for your efforts.

Just my 2c, I read "misguided ethical duty" and I'm in this picture and I don't like it ;)

Adam Curtis on ecology 

@natecull @pettter I bet that any disagreements that arise in this discussion thread will hinge entirely on different speculations on what Curtis is angling towards.

Adam Curtis on ecology 

@pettter @natecull yeah but I mean to shit on the idea at all is to essentially give up on the idea of humans ever seeking toward the idea of understanding *anyway*. Model-based thinking is simply a way to hone in on the truth by bridging the gap between human-based allegorical and categorical thinking and what's *actually* happening. It's the lens of understanding and ultimately just a tool, so a critique of the tool is, in my mind, misplaced versus a critique of the use of the tool.

I mean I'm getting out of my depth here anyway having not watched the same specific documentary so I should probably bow out on that front, but I'd certainly argue here that the limits on how we approach systems are on observability and conceptualization which are ultimately human limits. Those are the bounds we have to work within.

Adam Curtis on ecology 

@natecull @pettter Yeah that's particularly interesting because the assertion relies heavily on the semantics of what you consider a steady-state system - like is he talking on the chaos theory level in which the suggestion that the appearance of a steady state is just an island of calm in a larger chaotic system, that the chaos inherent in the system on a microscopic scale is masked by the averages on the larger scale? And more to the point, without qualifying whether that knowledge is theoretical (i.e. we know that newton's laws are not correct given relativity) or functional (relativity doesn't matter in most mundane cases because we're not approaching the speed of light).

Really reminds you that the world is just full of people walking in to rooms and making assertions and largely being faced with credulity...

Adam Curtis on ecology 

@natecull @pettter That's interesting, I'd be tempted to reapproach the stuff that I've watched so far with that perspective (uncited, propagandist) in mind but it's a time investment and I feel like I've been staring into the sun afterwards hah.

I'm finding your cynicism and critique of it refreshing to be honest, it adds another dimensionality to view the whole thing from. I think that's the thing with Curtis that I've never put my finger on before - what does he *want*?

Adam Curtis on ecology 

@pettter @natecull I've not seen AWOBMOLG but I've watched Hypernormalization in which he certainly seems to be drawing attention to and criticizing the concept of neoliberalism and the steady-state concept from the crux that the steady-state abandons any ideology in preference of having control over the present moment by giving up any particular direction of the future. I do wonder if that underlying thrust would extrapolate on to criticism of any other simulation or modelling on the basis of distrust of its *use* rather than its *validity*, but that's totally a supposition from a point of not having watched the material you're pointing out.

I certainly have my own suspicions of Curtis - I feel his work has a *lot* of value based on what he draws attention to and the type of systematic thinking, but I reserve judgement on any implied conclusion. Mostly chiming in here because it's interesting so don't see what I wrote as a defense or an attack :)

I have no love for Google (at all) which makes it all the more important that we not get drawn into the game of misdirection and half-truths. For one, it’s a great way to have the people who believed you lose trust and turn on you. Possibly more potently, they’re much better at it.

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I've seen this post about "Google blocking all third party email accounts starting in June" boosted quite a bit lately ( )

Please stop boosting it: the statement is untrue.

Google will continue supporting app passwords ( ). Using them requires two-step verification ( ) which you can set up with any TOTP application, no phone required.

(Citation: I use this with mutt, soon also mbsync/isync + mu4e.)

New ⑨ node up and running on a spare pi3 for various passive display tasks and to serial into my SC130 (in the bell jar).

Looking forward to setting it up as another CPU server so I can bind in the serial devices remotely and hopefully play around with controlling Rio from another node, maybe even having convenience keybindings to toggle binding the local keyboard over the remote input…

The grid is starting to grow.

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my pronouns are they/them/../../../etc/shadow

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