@onidaito I feel like if you could glue some pads onto a bulldog clip in the right positions you might be on to a winner...

It looks a lot like the ZX81 membrane connectors are the right *kind* of thing but they're no longer manufactured (originally made by Molex) and the wrong size :P

Which is not really an answer to your question but hopefully a prompt for a bit of lateral thinking :P

@mgdm “putting out fires with gasoline” comes to mind.

@julienxx Of all the images on the internet this one makes me feel most conflicted.

It makes me want to laugh and cry, but most importantly it makes me hate how much I want it so that I can use some of my computer for actual work instead of burning CPU on Slack causing shitloads of fucking latency on the low-resource applications I actually *want* to use.

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Good morning! Remeber to overcome your barriers today if for no other reason than out of spite 👍🌻

New hypothesis: Nobody actually learns anything from aphorisms, we just really enjoy the succinct and poetic communication of an idea we're already invested in.

So probably don't try to teach people a concept by saying pithy sounding things to them, explain with plain language and examples instead? I say this because I can remember plenty of times in my life when someone has tried to change my perspective with a catchy motto, and I've only really hooked on to the relevance and truth in what they were saying many years later.

I think the aphorisms probably help more in focusing the mind on a concept more than they do in introducing it.

This hypothesis is from gut feels and 0 evidence.

@thomasorus @bd @metasyn grimmwa.re/files/to_gem.tar

You can either `make README.md` or just read the contents of it out of the beginning of `to_gem.c` - I kinda tried out some weird things with this because I didn't think anything would ever use it :P

But yeah, the code's all in one file with the docs, and I appear to have documented all of the functions!

@thomasorus @bd @metasyn I’ve got a very naive markdown to gemtext converter I wrote in C which has my solution to the problem at least... I can send you the code for it for reference if you’d like because it’s mercifully short.

I mostly tried to go for ruthless resource efficiency, terseness and making it pass valgrind and with warnings dialled up to 11 on clang and.

Really not a C expert myself though!

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@noslebadlorah oh wow I totally didn't see all the replies to your followup toot pretty much explaining exactly the same thing, sorry about that >_<

@noslebadlorah This ship hasn't actually sailed - preformatted text blocks should ultimately be used for ascii art if they hope to render consistently, and gemtext has the capability to annotate the beginning of a preformatted block, so feasibly if this is something you care about it might be worth proposing to @solderpunk that the spec *is* in fact extended to have a field within the alt-text which clients could parse as an accessibliity alt-text.

Even forgetting the ascii art use case, it makes sense if you don't want your screen reader to plough through e.g. hexdump output.

Obviously there's the remaining problem that people may use ascii art outside of blocks, but I doubt *any* protocol is going to solve the problem of people not reading the spec properly.

“Win, the Cold War security expert, ever watchful, had treated paranoia as though it were something to be domesticated and trained. Like someone who’d learned how best to cope with chronic illness, he never allowed himself to think of his paranoia as an aspect of self. It was there, constantly and intimately, and he relied on it professionally, but he wouldn’t allow it to spread, become jungle. He cultivated it on its own special plot, and checked it daily for news it might bring: hunches, lateralisms, frank anomalies.”

Excerpt From
Pattern Recognition
William Gibson

@fincham I can see this unfolding with a tedious inevitability where I buy one.

Also, hello!

@rune @rysiek @cypnk Totally agree, the first report I got for this professionally I was like "fair play" but then the bounty hunter's work got widely shared and we got slammed with people claiming they got RCE on us despite the fact that a) they didn't and b) the bounty hunter's work clearly said that we'd mitigated.

And they were all *less sophisticated* versions of the attack.

The fundamental problem here is people treating themselves like "customers" of systems that are not in fact run for them, they're run for *everyone* and exploiting without taking the time to try to address the underlying problems (in PyPI's case, lack of namespacing support) is just incredibly selfish. UM just want to publish papers, (some) bounty hunters just want to collect bounties, but with no *real* interest in fixing the systems.

@rysiek @cypnk @rune I'd agree on that front. Trust is going to be a lossy abstraction at times but it's better than building a system that treats building human relationships and therefore trust as an inconvenience - that way lies social credit programs.

There's certainly some work to be done in this space, but approaches like this throw the baby out with the bathwater - it's pretty similar to how bug bounty hunters keep slamming PyPI with faux-malicious packages in order to prove supply-chain RCE on their targets (companies where people are being paid to triage and defend), which has the side-effect of absolutely slamming PyPI's already belaboured staff with takedown requests who are totally out of scope and it's a breach of their ToS.

@welshpixie I came for the madness squid and stayed for "WET MARS"

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