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the unicode consortium saw Angry Pile of Poo emoji and imagined a firestorm, a glorification of Organic Waste, a neverending slippery slope of PILE OF POO WITH LOOK OF TRIUMPH, PILE OF POO SCREAMING IN FEAR.
all i see is a pile of poo who needs to be understood.

@ritualdust @neauoire @helveticablanc just subscribed to the mailing list so I can get one cos this looks sick.

@adalbertsen I am going to reply to this more completely when I have some time to really look closely, thank you *so* much because that gives me a whole bunch of pointers on further reading - I'd kinda stalled a little there.

@solene Obviously depends on whether it actually reflects the type of work, but I find that system design questions are good for this - things from "design a system that would X Y Z" all the way down to specifics like "how would you automatically restart a service when its config file is changed by cron" and things like that, and if they give a canned answer you can ask how it actually works (e.g. if they say "write a script" you can ask how it knows that the file changed, do they poll, do they know about inotify etc.)

It's good to ask things that can be done in a number of different ways so you can ask what the pros/cons of different approaches are.

@adalbertsen I discovered that if you keep the original planetary attributions and extrapolate, you get Uranas and Neptune on Chokmah and Kether respectively, but you can also have the not-really-a-planet Pluto on the not-really-a-Sephirah Da'at which is fun if nothing else <3

@adalbertsen I would *really* love to read any notes you have on why you made each change if you'd ever be willing to share that.

A list of resources you used to come up with it would be pretty great too!

This is very much motivated by a want to learn, not to give unsolicited critique.


On my 6th time back at the gym post-COVID I am back up to a 100kg deadlift.

Still a way to go until I'm back up to 120 but it's the milestone that makes me feel like I'm back on it and it didn't take too long to get there so I'm pretty stoked about that.

@emenel Yeah hard agree, I really limit my social media consumption on this basis and I basically don't watch anything with ads. Shit is poison and people who think they're immune to it are misleading themselves.

If I'm feeling anxious sometimes I just leave my phone in another room, and in the worst cases I'll sometimes block websites for myself but I tend to find that phones are the real problem when it comes to unwelcome external messaging.

@emenel I think it's easy to fall into the trap of thinking that your motivation should exist in a vacuum and your wants should come entirely from within, but I'd suggest that the distinction is that you don't want your motivation to be subverted by everyone else's "need' for economic growth and the hoarding of resources. Delineating social influences that are positive and those that are negative is key here.

@emenel This was a really big question in my mind and between therapy and taking some time to go on a holiday where I did next to nothing for about a week, I came to the conclusion that I do have an in-built drive to create something that I, personally, feel is "productive" once in a while, but that it's subverted by societal pressure to feel like it's productive in some greater economic sense.

Notably the things that I personally deem "productive" are often really weird niche hobbyist things that barely anyone else understands and aren't actually "useful" in any objective sense, but the validation of sharing those things with people who *do* understand is still a component of the driving force.

@binarycat I'd argue that forums were around before "social media" as a term existed, and they tended to be special interest related rather than a general purpose platform for *any* type of content.

That said I wouldn't argue very hard about it.

@sejo that you can’t opt out of social media and pretend that it isn’t happening if you ever grew to draw a significant portion of your human interaction from the internet because it’s presence takes contribution from other mediums of communication. You may be opting out, but it means you’ll have lost some very current part of what it means to be a part of society because nearly nobody *else* opts out.

There’s been a lot of talk about how social media should be open and distributed and for the people but I always felt like this corner of the fedi was really just some prosthesis of participation for people who realised that to opt out was to believe that you can put the toothpaste back in the tube.

I don’t think social media is a good thing but people don’t talk in off-topic boards in forums any more because they have social media.

I posted this and Facebook experienced Third Impact. Hold everything I think I have to go stuff an ancient tiny man key device up my arse or something and disregard my son some more brb…

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Don't mind me I'm just gonna go put some robots inside enormous teenagers.

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Big Tech is essentially the Computer Instrumentality Project

@Truck so this is probably totally wide of the mark but does one of your monitors have negative coordinates? I had an issue in Sway where I’d put one monitor at negative Y coordinates and an XWayland program wasn’t receiving clicks because XWayland didn’t understand the negative coords. I can see how something like that might screw up a protocol which is expecting unsigned numbers. It’s unlikely to be your particular problem but it strikes me as quick to rule out but hard to discover so I thought I’d mention it.

@fsan I appreciate that there are certainly warts but entire blog posts dedicated to complaining about it as a protocol when literally 0 people are coercing anyone into using it in order to have an effective life just seems like so much overkill.

As a community it's pretty much 100% hobbyists, so attacking a labour of love like that to critique how it doesn't match an arbitrary personal agenda is a really bizarre flex to me.

I mean sure it may not have much value to some people once they've written their clients and servers, but you don't complain about lemons as a concept once you've squeezed all of the juice out of one, you know?

Why do you share things on the internet?

I just can't find my way to understanding the motivation for blog posts shitting on gemini - if you don't like it, don't use it?

I think there's a pretty insidious tendency for nerds to think that they should be the target audience for everything, and it's horribly ironic to see them complaining about the hegemony of gemini being aimed at new developers and not developers who've been around the block.

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