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Can anyone help me out with this? I'm trying to move my account but it won't let me and I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong - the alias is set up on the target account.

In all fairness to me LOOK AT THIS FUCKIN PLACE. This is probably the closest I’ve ever come to staying in The Cabinet from William Gibson’s Zero History.

Our last stop in Bangkok, The Mustang Blu.

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What these? Oh all these objects just fell this way. Oh no… no it just LOOKS like a crass attempt to make a statement about personal identity with an array of objects. It’s genuinely just random.


Pashupatinath temple is a very intense
experience. Here's a photo with some Sadhus shortly after we saw families grieving and washing the bodies
of their recently deceased loved ones from across the river.

They went on from there to be cremated on the funeral ghats along the river bank.

The openness of the whole thing seems like such a weird violation of privacy from a European perspective, until you realise that death, such an inevitable part of life, is hidden from us and that we distance ourselves from it.

Not so for the Hindus in Nepal. I am incredibly thankful to them for being so open and welcoming and allowing us to share.

What the actual fuck is wrong with you?

If I thought that an AI could accurately predict what I had to say I would seriously rethink my life.

If I thought it was an inevitability of both technology and my personality I would probably go and live in a cave.

Shit, I don’t share most of the stuff I *do* want to say because I feel it’s too tedious and predictable.

But no, let’s be proud that we can be meaningfully replaced by a heuristic system. Because we’ve got so many better things to be doing than representing our own thoughts? Fuck me.

The view from the tea shop outside our apartment in Patan, Kathmandu

Well Kathmandu, we’ve only known each other for about 30 minutes but I think I am in love.

Our home for the next week is beautiful.

This is like, my third run at this book and I’ve got to say it only really begins to make sense *after* you’ve already shed some beliefs. Really appreciating it this time, and I’m coming up with some pretty bonkers adjacencies to strange attractors in chaos theory to boot (granted they’re not fully formed allegories yet but that’s creative thought, right?)

Oh man I missed Bali.

I’m on a bit of a tour at the moment.

Hey , come to my talk "Computational Alchemy" at 2:30 on Saturday. It's going to be confusing.


Here was yesterday’s Amaretto sour, from the classic recipe. Too tart for me. Tried today with some Rittenhouse rye but I think some 101 Wild Turkey would work better, Rittenhouse is too buttery

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Oh my god I finally got round to having a first stab at replacing the source of randomness for TarotFS with something environmental, like gridchat...

Well it turns out that it was about as hilariously easy as I'd hoped - you can see from this experiment that it's deterministic because gridchat gives you the whole chat history from the beginning (i.e. it's not tailing yet so it's the same both times and it's nonblocking because the data is already there).

Essentially this means that you can seed a tarot spread from arbitrary data. I want to play around more to see if it'll work with streaming data so effectively you're telling a fortune "on the wire".

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