Oh apparently I’m combining Goetia today in order to cope with my life. That’s cool too.

New ⑨ node up and running on a spare pi3 for various passive display tasks and to serial into my SC130 (in the bell jar).

Looking forward to setting it up as another CPU server so I can bind in the serial devices remotely and hopefully play around with controlling Rio from another node, maybe even having convenience keybindings to toggle binding the local keyboard over the remote input…

The grid is starting to grow.

After having gotten over the hilarity of yesterday evening's discovery, I took a little bit of a closer look at my results. Obviously, the result is entirely hinging on aspects of the implementation, not least that the starting configuration was drawn by hand so it's unbalanced.

The *really* interesting observation is what's happened to Tiphereth (labelled as 5 in the diagram below). It has gone from the most central position to having flipped outside of the configuration meaning that the central pillar runs mostly up the left hand side. You can see that this would have happened because all the forces are exerted by the paths, and I set all of their resting lengths and restitution coefficients to be equal (the best example of this being 8-9, which will be at the target length due to no competing forces). Because Tiphereth has most links, the lowest energy configuration is if it flips to the outside.

We're going to call this phenomenon "Tiphereth Inversion"

That awkward moment when you finally realize that your coefficient of restitution parameters were way too high and your simulation of the restitution forces in the Tree of Life were actually well into exhibiting chaotic behaviour so you run another simulation only to realize that without anything to give the angles any rigidity what you've really done is accidentally use computational alchemy to deduce the "Mocking Etz Chaim".


Fucking looool

Whilst working on Other Stuff, I decided to exercise my curiosity on whether @kvik's port of lua to Plan 9 (sr.ht/~kvik/lu9/) would successfully run Fennel (fennel-lang.org/) and the results are hilarious. Here is a screenshot of me literally downloading the fennel script, chmodding it so it'll run, fixing up the #! and then using the fennel repl to take a screenshot of the window I did it all in.

I wasn't expecting to have that degree of success so quickly!

fresh tattoo, heavy blackwork, needles 

Got tattooed yesterday, my left arm towards my “solve et coagula” tattoo. Much more work to go in to it, and the pictures don’t really do the shape or the detail any justice. We’re also going to be flanking either side with thinner lines and continuing up to my shoulder, and then doing the same on the other arm.

Sometimes I wonder if neural networks feel pleasure or pain as part of reinforced learning or training.

Well I may have just made Google’s translate algorithms immune to torture by getting them to translate a Latin spell from Le Petit Albert…

We were in Massachusetts over the last week and we stopped by the Satanic Temple in Salem and saw the Baphomet statue (which, it only just occurred to me, does not actually have breasts which probably says a lot about the state of protest that you can have a statue of a horned god as long as you don’t give it tits) and some pretty fantastic artwork by Caitlin and Nicole Duennebier that made me feel things.

They also had a better copy of Agrippa in their library than I bought (it actually has the pictures) so now I know what to buy :P

Regardless of how you feel about the organisation, the actual building and gallery itself is fantastic with some original Dali and Degas sketches to boot!

Salem is a great day out for overblown goth nonsense.

Managed to get on gridchat on the Tandy by spawning a TTY over a USB serial cable to my Linux laptop and running 9gc

This has also enabled me to have more of my magic books to hand <3

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Rejigged my working space and now have my left-hand desk dedicated to dark deeds.

It’s good to have this stuff set up properly - having a space that’s always ready for tarot or whichever grimoire I want to inspect is great, and having 9front set up for reference or use of TarotFS (or tattva or Qabalah Space Program) really unifies and rounds the whole thing out.

A beautiful hoary artifact turned up today. “Work” may involve incense, a mixtape and not really doing any work. The @helveticablanc translucent page is just gorgeous.

@ritualdust this is so beautiful and I’m looking forward to spending my living moments on it.

For some reason I can’t get MS DOS 3.20 to boot from a floppy but ELKS boots just fine and I’m excited to say it comes with IP over serial (both SLIP and CSLIP) built in so I’ll be playing with that real soon.

On ELKS it seems to have to do a lot of retries when reading the boot disk, so I’m considering taking the drive apart to try to clean the head. I need to take the other one apart anyway as it has some mechanical failures. I don’t know if the DOS disk drivers are as resilient to intermittent failures - it would certainly explain why.

Prompted by people sharing on gridchat, this is where the magic happens.

One of Nicholas Flamel’s houses, the oldest stone building in Paris.

Flamel is most famous for being an alchemist, something that history doesn’t seem to actually support.

It’s very common that historical figures were attributed the authorship of works they had nothing to do with (pseudepigrapha), especially with regards to grimoires.

That there is a Rosicrucian store just round the corner - a very syncretic formulation of the order of the world informed by Christianity, Kabbalah and Hermeticism which went on to influence the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn - is unsurprising.

The most interesting part of magick in my opinion is not the veracity of it, but in the choice of mistruths, both motive and effect.

Look who finally decided to say hello (and by hello obviously I mean “none of your boot disks work).

I’ve never ordered a USB floppy drive or 720K floppies before but I guess 2021 is the year for it.

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