Do you think that time only moves in one direction or we only perceive it in one direction?

@grimmware I only have 500 chars here and wasted the first few on moaning about the limit of 500 chars. One direction as seen from our n-dimensional blob; maybe we're falling with a constant speed through time (as an additional dimension, if that makes sense). Or maybe time doesn't exist and is just an invention, an aging mechanism, of the mind.
And now I look totally stupid, running out of stuff to say and still having 61 chars left.

@razna I find it deeply suspicious that in the 3 spatial dimensions we can move in either direction but in time we can only move in one. It seems like some real Plato’s Cave bullshit and what we see as cause and effect could actually be modelled as continuity if you allow for visibility either way.

Like, if you could only move forward, you’d say “I am here because I was there” when actually having been spatially there has nothing to do with anything because the dimensions are orthogonal, the only weird thing being that you can’t be at the same time coordinate twice in different spatial coordinates…

I dunno, late night musings.

@grimmware Rudy Rucker, an author with a scientific background, turned me on to thinking about higher dimensions and their interactions like 4D by going one step back, seeing how 3D movement, bodies and phenomena would look to someone in a 2D plane, and then thinking about taking it one dimension higher. So - if a 2D-plane was falling in a third dimension with constant speed, those 3rd dimension could be what time is to us. Constant, can't be accelerated or stopped.

@razna @grimmware
Some say time is change and nothing more.
No change can happen without time. And in a universe where nothing ever changes, the very concept of 'time' becomes meaningless. Look up Zeno's arrow paradox.
As to the arrow of time seeming to move in only one direction for us, there are whole SCHOOLS of philosophy debating that. The most coherent idea I have heard is that it is a flaw in our perception. Perhaps tied to being able to perceive only 3 dimensions (plus time).

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