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Hey , come to my talk "Computational Alchemy" at 2:30 on Saturday. It's going to be confusing.

@grimmware Is it going to be recorded? That's exactly the talk I'd love to see (but I won't be at EMF)

@razna yep :) I’ll share on here and tag you in a reply!

@grimmware Heya, is it online already? I need to watch something meaningful and interesting.. :)

@razna Still not up as far as I'm aware, they've said nothing more about it on their Twitter. They did, however, say that some of the recordings may not be released, I think there were myriad technical difficulties.

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@grimmware Thanks for the info! Well, I'll need to catch your talk live next time, then (if it's one of those with technical difficulties). Cheers

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