That awkward moment when you finally realize that your coefficient of restitution parameters were way too high and your simulation of the restitution forces in the Tree of Life were actually well into exhibiting chaotic behaviour so you run another simulation only to realize that without anything to give the angles any rigidity what you've really done is accidentally use computational alchemy to deduce the "Mocking Etz Chaim".


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I'd always hoped the secrets of the universe would fall out of this project. I'd also always suspected the universe was an asshole.

Whenever I'm right it's never a good thing.

Wow this really is the dumbest shit I've done yet and I am so very here for it.

@grimmware its definitely up there with the time Satan cursed your BBC Micro PSU over your low-res baphomet sigil attempt.

It's brilliant though, it's the kind of weird the Internet needs to stop going too straight.

@steve @grimmware not to worry, the internet routes around straightness

@grimmware If you can't laugh at the same time, it's not occultism. #cosmicgigglefactor

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