mental health, anxiety 

I can’t speak for anyone else but I feel like learning to live with anxiety is really just recognising the shape and feel of it, and whilst obviously participating in it to grow an ability to observe it impartially at the same time…

Like I’ve been super stressed out by work recently and now that I’m beginning to feel anxiety about other things there’s an odd elation that the shift toward being anxious about things in my REAL life means I’m simply coming back to spending most of my attentions on my real life.

I’m off to get tattooed today, and late last night I had tattoo anxiety which I get when I’m tired, I was fine this morning when I woke up and now I have social anxiety to go and hang out with some people that I like.

Real dumb shit but it’s just how my brain works - looking for potential problems.

mental health, anxiety 

You can see where the fascination with the power of belief systems comes from - I can create problems for myself using the power of thought alone! Imagine if I could use that for something that wasn’t utterly pointless!

mental health, anxiety 


Personally, I'm finding that noticing the patterns is also making it easier to react in different ways when it happens. E.g., "this particular flavor of anxious almost always happens when I'm awake too late at night. And... *looks at clock* it is indeed too late at night. I probably need to sleep, and will likely feel far better when I wake up in the morning."

Sometimes just having that thought process... doesn't make it "go away" exactly, but does take a big part of the "bite" out of it.

Sometimes it doesn't, or doesn't do it very much. But the times it does, I *also* get that awesome "I am better now at a thing I used to be much worse at. I am Improving At A Thing!" which then *also* counteracts some of the badfeel.

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