I'm a little sad that I haven't posted much original or interesting content lately. Been spending all of energies on work with nothing really left for creative endeavors.

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Over the last few days events have transpired that made me realise that rather than failing to set others up for success, I'm actually going above and beyond they are in fact failing to capitalize on the help I'm providing and actually turning my help into more fruitless work for me, and distracting me from people who'd benefit from my attentions.

Every lesson I learn on caring about people is "be more judicious who you care about".

@grimmware I know this feeling well. I hope it passes quickly for you. I tend to feel it in waves, and am trying to figure out the best ways to balance it for myself…

@emenel I'm trying to look at the fundamentals of how I go about choosing what I do next and to just shake it up, and make sure that what I *want* to do gets a seat at the table and that I plan work so that I don't always feel overwhelmed and I understand where I can delegate.

I think that stopping to grieve for the fact you're in a rut is important though cos I think without acceptance of needing change and help, you just go back to the same patterns of behaviour again.

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