Constant blog posts about how Gemini is incorrect are a frequent reminder that my approach of spending my time on software that does nothing useful on an OS that nobody uses for an audience of precisely nobody is an easier life than trying to actually solve any problems for anyone.

No good deed goes unpunished.

I appreciate there are legitimate critiques but “I wonder if this is by design to solve problems for an audience that is not me” is not a common train of thought amongst nerds. How do you engage in good faith with people who assume that a discordance in perspectives usually means the other person is wrong rather than the other person having an experience or some context that is missing.

@grimmware You solve that one, thereʼs liable to be a Nobel Peace Prize and honorary prophet status in several major religions for you.

@monkeyborg don’t forget the tsunami of blog posts saying how much of an ignorant shithead I am too!

@grimmware Well, as a prophet, if thatʼs all they do to you, youʼre actually faring quite well

@monkeyborg “sure being crucified, burned or disemboweled is bad, but have you ever been *criticised on the internet*”

@grimmware I have probably said something critical of Gemini at one time or another, but I think youʼre doing great work. Keep it up!

@monkeyborg oh I’m not saying it’s beyond reproach! There are certainly things I would have done differently but I think largely the attitude of “why was this not built on HTTP?” whilst totally lacking credulity or persuance of the stated explanations when they don’t seem to explain the whole story isn’t meeting in discourse with good faith.

@grimmware Well, Gemini isn't for everyone. Guess it’s not for *those* people in particular. Fuck 'em

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