I’m confused with the nature of people that they will look into a telescope out into space and say “we’re so small” but will look into a microscope and say “that is so small”.

Nobody goes “oh my god I’m fucking massive”. Do they? Are there cultures that see the symmetry of scale?

I’d like to say it’s a hierarchy of religion thing in that we see monotheistic paternal god in the “heavens above us” that causes us to remark on our inferiority but in the world around us that is subject to us, we remark on its inferiority to *us* but I’m not suitably in tune with other cultures to have an honest opinion on it.

@grimmware that is not my experience. I recall many more instances of expressions of how immensely vast space/the universe is. It's only when looking back to earth from within space that we start talking about us being small.
Seems to me like typical expression is relative to our own normal (scale).

@cobratbq I don’t think I was very clear - we never express how *huge* we are in relation to smaller things, only how small we are or how big the universe is.

@grimmware THEY DO NOW! :D (looks at C.elegans worms under his microscope)

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