"Distributed" doesn't need blockchain. That's just your stupid weak-ass excuse for monetization.

Do better.

@TheGibson IMO if you’re serious about decentralisation you need to solve the problem of profit incentive first. Blockchains are largely being used by capitalists to colonise decentralised technology spaces. They are very much the wolf in sheep’s clothing.

@grimmware @thegibson They're also being used for software version control systems :-) So one could argue that commercial services like github are making money from blockchain ...


@yojimbo @TheGibson touché. *Immutable* blockchains then ;)

In all seriousness though, I guess the term “blockchain” has become synonymous with “blockchain but with computers guessing at hashes in order to introduce the randomness needed by a speculative futures market” and that says something in of itself.

I remember when my parents told me that gambling was stupid but here we are operating the world entirely on it.

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