I just can't find my way to understanding the motivation for blog posts shitting on gemini - if you don't like it, don't use it?

I think there's a pretty insidious tendency for nerds to think that they should be the target audience for everything, and it's horribly ironic to see them complaining about the hegemony of gemini being aimed at new developers and not developers who've been around the block.

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@grimmware I sort of understand that criticism though.
I really like Gemini and I use it but sometimes the reactions to proposals can be really aggressive while the existing features really are limiting. I find this to be a good thing though.
Also after I wrote my own server half of the fun of Gemini was gone...
I am a "nerd" though so take my words with a pinch of salt.

@fsan I appreciate that there are certainly warts but entire blog posts dedicated to complaining about it as a protocol when literally 0 people are coercing anyone into using it in order to have an effective life just seems like so much overkill.

As a community it's pretty much 100% hobbyists, so attacking a labour of love like that to critique how it doesn't match an arbitrary personal agenda is a really bizarre flex to me.

I mean sure it may not have much value to some people once they've written their clients and servers, but you don't complain about lemons as a concept once you've squeezed all of the juice out of one, you know?

@grimmware oh it's certainly overkill and it tends to be people missing the point about what Gemini is about.
There is an idea about Gemini "trying to replace the web" that is so far from the truth or criticism about Gemini "not scaling" which are true but really miss the point.
What I mean is that sometimes, as a community, we place to much focus on the protocol instead of the content and we react in a really defensive and sometimes hostile manner when someone proposes a change or critiques a certain aspect of the protocol.

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