Oh wow the Delaurence catalogue is still a thing (or at least it still was when they updated their website in 2013) and it is straight up fuckin wild

This is the Delaurence Company, publishers of occult works (some original, some straight up ripped off) since 1892.

The same Delaurence Company of Chicago still listed on Jamaica’s Customs website as one of two examples of publishers of obscene print works that are not allowed in the country

@grimmware this reads like a punk zine, it's so wild. The aesthetics are great, the content is so terribly culturally appropriative XD

@ritualdust it’s a bit sad they stopped doing books though because I would have loved to have seen what the latest and greatest grimoires were.

As far as my reading in the subject tells me, the history of magic books has always held a fascination and an inflated perception of a foreign culture’s magical tradition to the extent that many publications would claim to originate from somewhere they did not, and Delaurence himself was always pretty exploitative by the sounds of things so it bears out.

Would be pretty fun to just do a zine of a completely made-up magic catalogue filled with fictional (or at least more so than normal) relics you can mail order!

@ritualdust this catalogue has been considered a grimoire in its own right btw

@grimmware yeah indeed, they used to sell books too?!

Oh that's for sure, even fictional grimoires like the Necronomicon are always supposed to come from foreign countries. I wonder if that's in part because so much of the "western" occult knowledge was actually assembled from other cultures slowly over time.

I'm so down for that zine idea, let me finish my ghost story zine and I would love do it :D

@ritualdust @grimmware this reminds me a lot of home computer software catalogs in the 80s, which had the same low budget aesthetic and also similarly outrageous, unverifiable claims

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