I still find it very difficult to square with people who say "I don't understand why people X" because it's a statement of identity which conflates disagreement with ignorance.

It's fine to disagree with someone, it's also fine to not seek to understand someone on the basis that you disagree with them - there are so many hours in the day and you're not obliged to commit them to division over commonaity...

But I don't think it's very clever to dismiss people you disagree with on lack of perceived reason without actually looking for any.

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It's stuff like this that makes you feel as if a follow on social media is an endorsement of some kind because it makes you feel as if trying to understand someone's point of view is somehow giving them something they wouldn't otherwise have.

I'm very aware that I sometimes have to fight myself to not unfollow people or otherwise disassociate myself from them when they have a belief that I don't agree with. Does that one belief negate everything else we have in common? Does that belief actually make them a bad person? Only trying to understand where the belief comes from and what motivates it helps me make that decision.

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