tfw your bugs aren't pointer arithmetic bugs like you thought, you just keep typing the same incorrect struct path.

on is really starting to take shape (after my talk on it obvs)


Erk, sorry forgot the alt text.

This is a plan9 terminal window with the following text in it:

Ⅰ: The Magician
‡ cat /mnt/tarot/1/draw
Two of Wands
‡ ls /mnt/tarot/1
‡ cat /mnt/tarot/1/1:past
Three of Wands
‡ git/commit -m 'Spread styling!' tarot.c
heads/front: e4f65d21e38ba94b86911bcb46cd91f4943ebbe5
‡ git/push
deltifying 3 objects: 100%
writing 3 objects: 100%
refs/heads/front: f6e7ff8c57f8b041f8522e6ad91d88828cdae466 => e4f65d21e38ba94b86911bcb46cd91f4943ebbe5
‡ topng < /dev/window > /n/ssh/spread_styling.png

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