Does anyone else archive a particular kind of technical information? I archive stuff where I'm like "I will probably never find this again if I don't take a copy".

Web search is terrible.

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@grimmware Especially when I find something really useful or a solution to an issue I've been trying to solve by accident. Like the original search wasn't even directly related to the important thing I found so I would have no clue how I ended up there.

@kelbot yeah that’s maddening, especially when you’re like “how did this result, which has *all* the search terms that I searched for, not show up when I was actually looking for it?”

@grimmware I have so many datasheets for obsolete parts. So many.

@phooky Yeah that and original repair manuals with schematics!

@grimmware my joplin is stuffed with info like this. Highly recommended.

@gemlog I use git-annex for any kind of file archiving because it's designed for curating and version controlling archives without necessarily actually having to have the binary content locally, and it's really easy to send and receive files over ssh.

@grimmware I used to use zimwiki with git, but it became unwieldy.
It took a bunch of work to migrate, but joplin syncs automagically to a webdav repo via https I put on a server and this give me access to all my notes and archived pages across devices. I have not encrypted the content, but that option is available.
I do use ssh for everything else though. And lots of cronjobs.

@grimmware I've been wondering about this. Right now I use Pocket, a bit, but I never read anything I put in there. I've thought about signing up to something like Pinboard, but I think I'd really like something I can run myself. It needs to be pretty frictionless for me though otherwise I'll never use the damn thing and I'll be back to square one

@mgdm I think the premise of Pocket is that you’ll ever just be sitting around and go “I wonder what’s in my Pocket backlog”?

Personally I found that it’s a great idea in theory but its utility hinges on the development of a habit, which feels like a bit of a catch 22 and also a bit YAGNI in the sense that if I were going to start reading it I would have done it already!

So I archive things for reference at a later date, so usually if I’ve read it (or part of it) once already and I think there will be some utility in having it permanently.

I keep it all in a repo with my “grimmoire” notes so it almost feels like digital scrapbooking!

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