@grimmware :o grimmclair, sounds and looks great! is there a place online where i can read more about your project?

@chirrolafupa Other than a few posts on my masto no, not really!

The project is essentially taking a ZX81 and first getting it usable again (I hacked together a new power supply for it and installed an RF to composite video mod so I could plug into a more modern display) and then I'm going to make it *better*.

The keyboard membrane needed replacing anyway so I'm going the whole hog and replacing it with a new mechanical keyboard.

Once I've got that working I'll probably either do the 32K internal RAM mod or focus on getting external storage working with a cheap mp3 player or similar.

I've got a bunch of other plans too in the longer term, but I will definitely start documenting once I've done something more interesting than solder in a premade PCB that bypasses the video output.

@grimmware Wow, I hope you will post pictures after soldering these PCBs :D

@grimmware Is the plan to build a keyboard or a ZX81 clone? Either way, looks interesting!

@mattonthehill I’m modding the ZX81 - I’ve already built a new power supply and installed an RF to composite video mod and now I’m building a mechanical keyboard to replace the broken membrane keyboard.

@grimmware What is this? Upgrade kits for ZX81 or something else?

@Sandra It's a prototype PCB for replacing the membrane keyboard with a mechanical one!

More of a personal project than a kit at this stage but I'll be documenting the whole thing and open sourcing the PCBs if they work :P

@grimmware That’s the awesomest thing I have heard all week! Thank you for doing this

@Sandra thanks for the enthusiasm :) I’m itching to get the rest of the parts for the keyboard so I can actually use the thing! The membrane keyboard was broken when I got it and anyways just looking at the thing gives me carpal tunnel hahah

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