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Hello, I’m Grimmware and I like to read books on magic and occultism and then translate those systems into code for Plan 9 from Bell Labs. I try to apply a rationalist credulity to magical and archetype systems, and I’m a big fan of using divination systems as a psychological prompt for learning and growing. I like operating systems, retro computers and digital electronics.

In my work life, I do defensive systems security and visibility.

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For some reason I can’t get MS DOS 3.20 to boot from a floppy but ELKS boots just fine and I’m excited to say it comes with IP over serial (both SLIP and CSLIP) built in so I’ll be playing with that real soon.

On ELKS it seems to have to do a lot of retries when reading the boot disk, so I’m considering taking the drive apart to try to clean the head. I need to take the other one apart anyway as it has some mechanical failures. I don’t know if the DOS disk drivers are as resilient to intermittent failures - it would certainly explain why.

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Current retrocomputing state of play:
* Tandy 1400LT - starts up and will boot into ELKS but not DOS!
* ZX81 - power supply built, composite mod installed, keyboard built, working up the confidence to build flashable banked ROM (got all the parts)
* BBC Micro B - Power supply recapped. Intermittently shits the bed, probably needs a full recap
* Apple II - Boots BASIC but shits the bed when trying to run it and drops to the system monitor - suspect RAM or ROM problems
* Basically never tried to turn on: 2x ZX Spectrum, Macintosh 68k, Amiga 500, Atari 1040ST

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Oh my god I finally got round to having a first stab at replacing the source of randomness for TarotFS with something environmental, like gridchat...

Well it turns out that it was about as hilariously easy as I'd hoped - you can see from this experiment that it's deterministic because gridchat gives you the whole chat history from the beginning (i.e. it's not tailing yet so it's the same both times and it's nonblocking because the data is already there).

Essentially this means that you can seed a tarot spread from arbitrary data. I want to play around more to see if it'll work with streaming data so effectively you're telling a fortune "on the wire".

Writing a "Hello World" for CP/M on an SC130 Z180 retrobrew using a serial device exported over network from one ⑨ machine to another.

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CWs, unfollows 

TLDR: content warnings are memetic hygiene.

Just improved my mastodon experience with a couple of tactical unfollows.

CWs really help - not just to keep the temperature down or to avoid doom scrolling, but also just to keep things tidy.

We speak here to be heard, but is everything we say of interest to everyone all the time? Probably not.

I remember when I made this I was trying to make a joke that I thought was hilarious in response to someone else but I couldn’t find a meme generator for it which would let me enter my own text, but then I found this one and pushed the button until it had the right amount of words and then just fiddled the html. By the time I’d done it I’d completely forgotten what the original joke was.

One of those days where I just want to lie in a ditch and gradually, gently cease to be at the end.

I think it's fair to say that today was just one of those days that lands on you.

Having one of those days where I didn’t wake up so much as start walking around in the hopes that the rest would just sort itself out.

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I accidentally searched for "Astrology software" instead of "Astronomy software" and aesthetically I'm obsessed.

Friends don't let friends `syntax enable` in their neovim init.vim.

No seriously you can trigger some very hard to track down bugs, neovim does this automatically *after* sourcing your init.vim

I lost about a day and a half to this.

Feeling wildly unapologetic and inadaptable due to existence’s inadaptability to me. Fuck em.

Oh apparently I’m combining Goetia today in order to cope with my life. That’s cool too.

I have no love for Google (at all) which makes it all the more important that we not get drawn into the game of misdirection and half-truths. For one, it’s a great way to have the people who believed you lose trust and turn on you. Possibly more potently, they’re much better at it.

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I've seen this post about "Google blocking all third party email accounts starting in June" boosted quite a bit lately ( )

Please stop boosting it: the statement is untrue.

Google will continue supporting app passwords ( ). Using them requires two-step verification ( ) which you can set up with any TOTP application, no phone required.

(Citation: I use this with mutt, soon also mbsync/isync + mu4e.)

New ⑨ node up and running on a spare pi3 for various passive display tasks and to serial into my SC130 (in the bell jar).

Looking forward to setting it up as another CPU server so I can bind in the serial devices remotely and hopefully play around with controlling Rio from another node, maybe even having convenience keybindings to toggle binding the local keyboard over the remote input…

The grid is starting to grow.

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my pronouns are they/them/../../../etc/shadow

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@grimmware Stay safe, too. I hope you'll quickly find a path to a more enjoyable state of mind and that you're able to break the patterns that would hinder you.

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