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@khm but honestly half of what I do is just very dedicated and deeply crafted cosplay of pretending I have an iota of control in the world so ymmv.

I should point out here that I barely know what I’m doing in C and between sessions writing Go I tend to forget 80% of what I learned.

My use of both languages is exceptionally punk in the scrappy approach but also only knowing 3 chords.

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I intended to finish the keyboard PCB for the ZX81 this weekend but instead I wrote a shared object file which circumvents Linux auditd execve gathering and a scrappy Go program to update the time on my PineTime seeing as you seem to otherwise need an Android phone and I’m increasingly suspicious that it’s not actually January 1970.

So whilst I could be annoyed that I didn’t follow through on my intent, I’m going to let myself off this time for actually completing two goals even if they were the wrong ones.

Gotta stop doing things by mistake though.

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Not sure anyone can answer that, but Knuth wrote TeX as a single ~1MB file in the early 80s... how did editors back in the day cope with that? Even when the file wasn't loaded into memory completely, it must have been rewritten on disk constantly?

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TIL my ZX81 doesn’t even have enough RAM to map a single Linux memory page even before all the memory mapping overhead.

Recruiters scraping email addresses from git repos is increasingly a problem.

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@grimmware @cancel @neauoire @requiem @slisne using computers today feels like living in a house where the walls shift whenever you're not looking

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Make something with your computer and post a picture of it.

Computers are for making things.

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Before H pulled the circuit breaker on me this evening and told me to put the laptop away I was working on some Go to set the time on my PineTime over BTLE from my laptop’s system clock!

Managed to parse the time it’s already got set, just need to do the whole thing in reverse now!

Remember to relax as well as hacking.

Just because it’s leisure doesn’t mean you’re winding down and relaxing.

Burning out is bullshit and you choose your work better when you have time to muse over it from a distance.

I’m really in to occultism and I think there’s a lot to learn from it but I always want to qualify that with “but I am not an idiot though I don’t believe in...” and then I remember I’m trying to defend myself to humans who think they are objective and rational and suddenly I don’t feel like I’m on the back foot any more.

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Okay that's enough tech for the day, time to kick back and read some grimoires like a goddamn wizard.

Good enough start for today. I decided against making it reversible seeing as this is my first real PCB. Should be able to take two of these and daisy-chain them for a full ZX81 keyboard map.

I think I'm going to add some mounting holes, some decorative silk-screen and then send them off to get fabbed. Then all I need to do is buy some headers and PCB mount switches, desolder the shitty ZX81 keyboard connector from the motherboard and it should be all ready to build when it arrives.

Then I can figure out how the hell I'm going to mount the thing!

So it looks like the original ZX81 keyboard was designed with 5 input scanlines each addressing 1 column on each side of the keyboard, which is split into two halves - this means I should be able to create a mirrored or daisy-chainable PCB to help cut costs (min order 5) but it'll also enable me to iterate on form-factor :)

I keep finding people on here who I’ve already spotted on gemini or gopher and I’m very here for it.

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interdependence > independence

kimchi season...

better than "we grew everything" is "we grew everything except this part which our friend grew"

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