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My TL is so sparse because keep typing out sassy shit and then deleting it because I don’t see it causing positive discourse so it’s nice to see my sense of altruism is actively preventing me from being open and honest about who I am.

I so terribly badly want a MNT Reform but all of my computers are currently working "well enough" that it would be wasteful to buy another one.

I mentioned on a video chat on Friday that I can draw a more-or-less anatomically correct human skull from memory, so I was challenged to do so.

I subsequently played the first couple of bars of “Oh Susanna” on a comedically small harmonica and got called a “renaissance man” so that’s the high point of my life passed.

Drone doom shitpost 


I bought an egregious and ultimately fetishistic object which is not only beautifully constructed but is also the manifest representation (to my mind) of tulpamancy of inanimate objects because it was fictional (in the literary sense of the word) before it became real.

However, because I love my small corner of the fedi and how it includes pretty much 0 ads or embrace of a materialistic worldview, I'm not going to tell you what it is hahah.

@neauoire Hey, I just read your interview and saw that you're using a Planck with an SBC on 9front...

What firmware are you using? My QMK boards (including a Planck) won't enumerate properly on 9front over USB on a Pi 4.

I've avoided debugging until I've actually used the system for something creative or I just get lost in the weeds, which means I'm stuck using my Filco.

Emotional woes 

I hate it when my best friend is having trouble dealing with life because there's very little I can do to help and that causes me distress which I then can't talk to anybody about because they're not actually *my* problems to be sharing with others and normally if I have a problem I talk to her about it and she makes me feel better.

There's something very compelling about a man in corpse paint screaming the word "grandma" in a wailing falsetto.

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I appear to have become weirdly obsessed with the song Welcome Home by King Diamond.

Trying to write a quarterly review whilst simultaneously being completely bored of thinking about me and about me at work.

The past year has taken its toll.

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in my opinion clowns don't have human bodies and all the human-shaped clowns you see are just anthropomorphised versions of feral clowns

(When I say "a variant" it's a translation that's been modified to strip the Christianity out of the original poem which would talk about "God" instead of "the gods". This seems fair given that a few of the Runes directly name multiple gods from Norse mythology)

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Hello the internets. I'm learning Nordic runecasting by trying to memorise each of the Elder Futhark runes and their associated stanza in a variant of the Old English Runepoem. After that I'll learn the stanzas for the Norwegian and Icelandic ones, although neither cover the full Elder Futhark.

Wealth provides comfort
but you should share who hopes to cast lots
for judgement before the gods.

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oh hey :)

"We are thrilled to announce that Nokia has transferred the copyright of Plan 9 to the Plan 9 Foundation. This transfer applies to all of the Plan 9 from Bell Labs code, from the earliest days through their final release."

If I don’t want people to know about my ideas I don’t tell anyone because that’s how it works but okay fine we’re all pretending it’s not because people wanted to have more than other people and that was important.

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The concept of intellectual property just blows my mind though.

Like, “hey here’s my idea pretend that you don’t know it though because I demand to be the only person who makes money off of this thing that is now a fact”.

Like fucking okay dude but you’re asking me to pretend that this thing that you conceptually gave away isn’t fucking obvious now we all know it.

I now own the concept of intellectual property. I bought it for $5 CAD. You're all losers for not thinking of it first.

Waiting for all the royalties to come rolling in to my bank account...

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Some progress on my 3D finger client, it now reads people to finger from a file and randomize their position. Also the content is becoming readable

I've been playing with plan9 for a few days now and whilst I'm still not a fan of the mouse-driven interface for sitting at a screen, it struck me that if you wanted to do collaborative computing with a modern VR setup, plan9 and a rio-alike modified for VR would probably be the perfect interface.

My need to qualify this to strangers on the internet is not a particularly self-serving trait.

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