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Hello, I’m Grimmware and I like to read books on magic and occultism and then translate those systems into code for Plan 9 from Bell Labs. I try to apply a rationalist credulity to magical and archetype systems, and I’m a big fan of using divination systems as a psychological prompt for learning and growing. I like operating systems, retro computers and digital electronics.

In my work life, I do defensive systems security and visibility.

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The view from the tea shop outside our apartment in Patan, Kathmandu

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You, 1X DevOps engineer: Logging, Analysing code, Working with Developers.

Me, 10X DevOps engineer: Carving sigils and circuit diagrams into my arms, Invoking Xa'Turing before I write any code, Septagramic Network Diagrams, Sending prayers to the machine gods via /dev/null

Well Kathmandu, we’ve only known each other for about 30 minutes but I think I am in love.

Our home for the next week is beautiful.

environmental fatalism 

How much of the engagement with environmentally responsible consumerism is (unknowingly) performative?

I’m personally of the belief that the acts of individuals (whilst worthwhile) are a drop in the ocean compared to corporate, governmental and infrastructural responsibility.

I think this, in turn, makes personal environmentalism comparable to pious asceticism.

I’ve been reading a book on the history of Kabbalah and one of the ideas is that by living a spiritually correct life you not only heal yourself but reciprocally help restore creation to its divine state.

These are just idle musings and pattern matching. It is still a very good thing to not use plastic straws - I like sea turtles.

I’ve been in Kuala Lumpur for the last few days and spent much of my downtime writing a VM for the LC3 ISA for Plan 9. I didn’t study computer science so never had to push through this as a mandatory exercise, which I’m very thankful for as I think it would have taken the joy out of it.

I’ve also patched phil9’s `vexed` hex editor to allow you to binary edit a byte ( given that I haven’t implemented an assembler yet and want to verify my implementation with some machine code first, and I don’t know about other ISAs but LC3 is maddeningly very rarely on nibble boundaries. It is such a nice tool.

Last night a huge praying mantis yeeted (yote?) itself into my neck.

Finally stopped being an idiot and figured out how to use my upstream for my 9front fork so I have all of my input hacks back and it’s like being back in action again. So nice.

It’s good to have my setup on the road. I don’t think I’ll necessarily DO anything ground breaking whilst I’m travelling but it’s nice to have it there for ideas and inspiration.

Do you think that time only moves in one direction or we only perceive it in one direction?

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Is Jon Bon Jovi’s given name Jonathan Bonathan Jovi?

Dive numbers 8, 9 and 10 today in Komodo National Park. Who even am I?

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@jonny hard oof. I had signed up to the queue for DALL-E but actually I’m a lapsed amateur illustrator so perhaps I’ll just write down all those “wouldn’t this be hilarious” ideas as prompts for myself and get back in it or (shock horror) actually pay an artist.

It’s easy to get caught up in the hype and possibility of the thing but if the cost is artisans then fuck that.

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when the creator of octocat adventures* speaks, you listen. David Oreilly is dead on.

*and other dope shit too

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i gave openais dalle the start to the GNU/Linux copypasta, i love this LMAO

This is like, my third run at this book and I’ve got to say it only really begins to make sense *after* you’ve already shed some beliefs. Really appreciating it this time, and I’m coming up with some pretty bonkers adjacencies to strange attractors in chaos theory to boot (granted they’re not fully formed allegories yet but that’s creative thought, right?)

Oh man I missed Bali.

I’m on a bit of a tour at the moment.

I am so deeply confused at the events of the last week

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