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I’d feel bad about reading William Gibson novels on loop as my fiction if I didn’t notice something new each time.

I usually feel like I’ve got something better to do which doesn’t require patience so it’s a hobby that never gets a look in but I’m feeling pretty laid back for some reason.

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Did I mention that I can draw? It doesn’t come up a lot because I pretty much never do it.

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@paul I've just had a brief read of your wiki and I am very excited by the sort of things you do!

Got my PCR test back, looks like I’m going to be leaving the country.

I am frequently upset when reality does not live up to my standards and I’m trying to learn not to do that to myself.

So a really fun mental health problem to have is that whenever anyone around you is annoyed, angry or frustrated you feel like it’s your fault and it paralyses you into indecision making you an annoying and frustrating person.

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what’s the difference? historically various “magic” practices are what we would now recognise as psychology combined with some other science-ish discipline.

wizard: objects. builds machines and other engineering type solutions, typically in the patronage of a royal court
witch/warlock: chemistry / alchemy; the preparation of medicines, psychoactive drugs; makeup
seer: meteorology/geology/field biology
psychic: psychiatry
sorcerer: natural talent for pure visualisation- mathematics; physics;

Still very much in flux and currently totally undocumented, but TarotFS now supports writing your own deck structures simply by creating a directory with 3 text files: one with the major arcana names, one with the minor arcana names, and one with the minor arcana suits.

As an added bonus, if you leave the two minor arcana files empty, you can just have an arbitrary list of generic *things* for divination usage - as demonstrated in the default install, you can now use TarotFS to do runecasting with the Elder Futhark runic alphabet!

I'll get round to actually documenting the feature and making so that you can do per-spread decks some time soon, along with fixing it up so you don't end up with numerals in front of everything...

TarotFS now uses shuffling and top-deck drawing rather than an ordered pack with cards drawn from random positions. You can also re-shuffle the pack in-between draws by reading the `shuffle` file in a spread.

Next up I think I'll be looking at making the deck structure pluggable (i.e. defined by a set of text files) so that different decks can be used and also non-suited divination systems (notably nordic rune-casting) can also be supported! This should also help tidy up the card definition file structure (removing spaces) which will make it easier to write scripts around because `rc` fucking *hates* spaces in things.

I'm hoping to source some decent public domain or CC definitions and keywords to be able to include by default so that you can start using TarotFS to help you learn tarot.

Yeah that's right keep patching over the cracks instead of admitting that it requires *manual work* to filter *racist trash* out of a corpus of *internet sourced speech*.

If "Machine Learning" systems are going to be trained on the current state of the world, they will simply catalyse and polarise it.

Absence of a guiding hand is abdication of responsibility.

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It all returns to nothing,
It just keeps tumbling down, tumbling down, tumbling down.


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Woe betide the hapless recruiter who emails me directly and then claims to have found my information on LinkedIn where an email address is nary to be seen.

Further woe betide them when they admit to scraping my GitHub and I share the screenshot of my top pinned repository: “do_not_scrape_my_contact_information_i_will_get_angry”

If you wanna continue we can talk about spam law too.

The same Delaurence Company of Chicago still listed on Jamaica’s Customs website as one of two examples of publishers of obscene print works that are not allowed in the country

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This is the Delaurence Company, publishers of occult works (some original, some straight up ripped off) since 1892.

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Oh wow the Delaurence catalogue is still a thing (or at least it still was when they updated their website in 2013) and it is straight up fuckin wild

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