asking the three guys that like me to start a polyamorous relationship so i can make a podcast and call it “my boyfriend, my boyfriend, my boyfriend and me”

i'm the official inventor of fry dick. ama me at my uni: "pwease mr. university, i made a real oopsie whoopsie fucky wucky - a real himbo move. can i pwease retake my exam?"

wordle #202 4/6


"How the fuck can we feed 60 billion farm animals but not 7.9 billion humans."

Really sucks to hear “we’re all eventually gonna get Covid” especially as someone with CFS which is a very similar chronic illness to long Covid. People know the consequences but they don’t realize or care about how hard it is to be disabled

wordle #201 6/6


someday i hope to find a group of friends where i don't have to contort myself into a shitty little box to be liked

solidarity with people of kazakhstan

she was a mumsnet girl
he said here’s some ape porn in your honor, girl

he wrist too small for he got damn hand

did a diamond mining company write this

*looks at the bottom of the chart* apparently they did


Diamonds grown in a lab don't conjure up quite the same emotions as natural diamonds do


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