Highland Park Super Playground, a great huge wooden castle-like structure with tons of nooks and crannies and tunnels and hiding places and secrets, got torn down and replaced with some unremarkable same-as-every-other-playground crap, and the thing my daughter and I are most annoyed about is the surfacing.

Aye it's time for Angry Internet Rants About Playground Surfacing Choices: Guy Who Fixes Pinball Machines Edition

@ifixcoinops I recently learned that a whole bunch - hundreds to maybe thousands - of those "wooden castle" playgrounds from the 70s were the work of (mostly) one guy, Bob Leathers. He'd travel to different cities, spend a bit of time "consulting" with kids to figure out what they wanted in a playground, then in a four day blitz of community volunteer labor and donated materials they'd build a playground from scratch. His work is all over the US and Gen X / elder Millennials probably played on one of his creations. Each one was a real community effort and personalized to the kids' wishes.

As they had an estimated 25 year lifespan, many have been bulldozed and replaced with bright metal painted safer equipment. Some still remain in active use though, or have gotten a refurb by the community!

(Excerpts from a 1980 NYT article about his constructions)

@greg Furthermore, the company's still going, run by his son looks like. Local council could've gone with them. Went with some other company. ☹️

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