i dont think anything has ever had such a disparity between how good its title is vs how good it actually is as the show On Becoming a God in Central Florida

maybe im weird but maybe this shouldn't be a page on wikipedia

imagine being the cop who sits in the back of wawa to make sure no one steals any skittles

i stopped using tumblr mostly out of solidarity because i wasnt actually all that affected by the nsfw ban but if twitter is actually getting rid of the chronological timeline im fucking done with this place

literally just turned 21 yesterday and already getting ads for jack daniels

TIL Tolkien actually considered LOTR to be historical fiction that took place only about 6000 years in the past

me and the boys just waited an hour in line to go to del taco for the first time

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so i think i finally figured out what psycholonials is

it's andrew hussie trying to make metal gear solid

now just another 50 hours to get to the part people actually like

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cant believe ive now played through all of ffxiv a realm reborn so i can legally say its bad

practicing self-control by not drinking a gallon of dr pepper right this moment

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The only disadvantage of living with other people is that I can't loudly scream IM GOING TO GO JACK MY DICK every time I get up from the couch

is it bad that when im having trouble with my internet i immediately assume its my isp throttling me for torrenting

slowly coming to the realization that this song about the comic artist ryan north is the best csh song


if the news about sophie is true that's awful


if someone is an essential worker/elderly person and doesnt want to get the vaccine, i will accept the difficult task of taking it for you

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so i've played resident evil 4 a lot of times, and this is the first run where i've noticed this fuckin' painting

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