@amdt mmm, I haven't seen it, but there might be a port lying around somewhere.
what i usually do is mount the contrib directories with 9fs and grep through the filenames. it takes a while tho, so it's also a good idea to looks at the contrib index.

wouldn't you know it, there are two contribs that seem to match.

another good place to look is code.9front.org/hg/ports

studying from my own notes. it's very obvious where i was way too sleepy.

joke: neuromancer (1984)'s depiction of a communal hallucination of data prophesied the internet before it was created

woke: return of the king (1954)'s depiction of denethor, deceived into hopelessness by sauron selectively showing him true visions through the palantir, prophesied far-right radicalization through algorithmic suggestions before personal computers existed

@grainloom Did you know #mir sendsΒΉ an explicit form factor with the display configuration for exactly this reason?

We made a bunch of mistakes with Mir, but one of the most annoying ones was trying to actually make things good, rather than minimally acceptable πŸ‘Ώ

ΒΉ: but it's almost removed; that client API is deprecated and we'll remove it as soon as feasible.

privacy digression 

When I was in my 20s and got into general lefty activism, I kept being told by older people that I'd change my mind when I got older and I'd become more conservative.

I've only just realised, this was all about them and nothing about me. They gave in, they stopped fighting, and they became more conservative, because it was easier. They were bought-off by capitalism. They were talking about themselves.

Anyway, now I'm 52, and I'm an #anarchist.

plain text is quite nice at working at any resolution tbh. simple HTML too.
I really should build that accessible Acme-like GUI toolkit... uuuugh. so many THINGS.

@ben this is wrong on so many levels. I cannot find words for it.
does the imperial system infect everything it touches? or is it the web standards bodies fault?

@grainloom CSS defines 1 inch as 72 pixels regardless of screen DPI

me: *tiles Epiphany to only take up one side of the screen in i3*
Epiphany: ah-HA! I must Display an Extra Bar so that Mine Master's Touchy Feelies May Interact with me for I Hath Been Transferred To An Phone!

I'm bored of zfs, time to put important data with no backups on btrfs

not sure if i like this "detect phone-ness by resolution" thing some applications seem to be doing.


Welcome To Night Vale spoilers, BIG REVEAL 

@drq hmm, never played much of 3, but compared to VC... ye. although I still haven't finished either of those. I did at least finish CW tho.

The Dark Crystal - Age Of Resistance is quite excellent so far.

Learning prolog while I wait for tests to run at work. This isn't going to end well.

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