If you're using bash or zsh and you don't know the ^X^E shortcut, learn it now.

First, ensure you have a valid `EDITOR` environment variable set to your favourite editor (like vim or emacs).

Second, enter some command, but don't hit enter.

Third, use Ctrl+X Ctrl+E and learn that you can use your editor to modify the command before running it in the shell.

This is pretty helpful if you're trying to edit a long command line.

#bash #zsh #linux #unix #macos #terminal

you don't need it if you use :bloballpraisetoplan9:

but in al seriousness, Acme makes this kind of thing super easy

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@antekone what's even better is that you can use it with _any_ shell:

- python repl
- chrony's console
- sh/bash/rc/fish/zsh/whatever else

it's really heccin cool

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