tired: "coming to PC" == "only released for Windows"

wired: "coming to PC" == "it runs on bare metal. if it's IBM compatible, it will run it."


"we ported it to everything that has a graphical display and a C compiler"

@grainloom "coming to PC" == "you actually have to boot your computer from the floppy/disc/flash drive to play".

@grainloom My calculator can have C code and it does have a display…

@lanodan I guess I should have clarified, I meant "every OS on the PC that has those things"

although if they ported it to a calculator too, that'd be rad

@grainloom want to play the most recent games on my atmega32 :(

@grainloom I had a few games back in the day that shipped on bootable floppies. You'd have to reboot to play them.

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