Regarding Facebook tracking non-users Mark Zuckerberg said "This kind of data collection is fundamental to how the internet works."

I'm not a networking expert but I know enough to be able to confidently say that nothing at all about this data collection is fundamental to how the Internet works. I guess he was using Silicon Valley speak where "the internet" means "huge corporations who make most of their money by selling ads and illegally collecting as much data as possible".

@eribloodlust i am a networking expert, and i can assure you that advertising is not fundamental in any way shape or form.

The fundamental pieces are some physical cables, and protocols (IP, BGP, DNS). Advertising /may/ pay for some things, but hasn't paid a dime for the cables, IP, or BGP.

@phessler @eribloodlust

let me put my "devils advocate" hat for a moment and say many submarine cables have been paid for by advertising dollars. a similar argument can be made for the current pricing & ubiquity of 100G switching gear -- "hyperscale" datacenters are because of FB & Google. which are ad companies.

Maybe, but do we fundamentally needed the *extra* cable and the *extra* bandwidth switches?

@hypolite @eribloodlust @aag no, and if we did, we should keep in mind that all the ads and tracking just inflated network traffic, so maybe we would not have needed more bandwidth if there wasn't so much bloat put up by ad companies
(and incompetent web developers)

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