Let us take a moment to appreaciate that use instead of forcing us to download a closed source client by some tech giant.

@grainloom RSS needs more love, it's dying a slow death of pure neglect. 😭​


@catgirl Sadly all I use it for is podcasts :/

@grainloom A long time ago I used it for a ludicrous amount of webcomic updates which I could never keep up with. (A Girl and Her Fed, Problem Sleuth, the thing with Kaitia Mannigan, whatever) But nowadays I just use it to tell me Godot Engine news.

@catgirl oh
I just open the things I wanna check up on by hand 🤷

but maybe it would be nice to know if there are updates without manually checking

i should start using rss shouldnt i :/

@grainloom @catgirl This is why I built comic-rocket.com, because I thought RSS readers couldn't possibly keep track of where I left off in webcomics with deep archives. But it turns out RFC 5005, standardized in 2007 right before I started building my stuff, addresses most of the RSS limitations I was concerned about. So recently I've been thinking through how to make Comic Rocket basically be an RSS reader…

@grainloom @catgirl i still use livejournal as my rss aggregator... Yeah, I can hardly believe it myself

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