Let us take a moment to appreaciate that use instead of forcing us to download a closed source client by some tech giant.

Bright Sessions mild spoiler (but like, you probably guessed it in the first few episodes) Show more

@grainloom RSS needs more love, it's dying a slow death of pure neglect. 😭​

@grainloom A long time ago I used it for a ludicrous amount of webcomic updates which I could never keep up with. (A Girl and Her Fed, Problem Sleuth, the thing with Kaitia Mannigan, whatever) But nowadays I just use it to tell me Godot Engine news.

@catgirl oh
I just open the things I wanna check up on by hand 🤷

but maybe it would be nice to know if there are updates without manually checking

i should start using rss shouldnt i :/

@grainloom @catgirl This is why I built, because I thought RSS readers couldn't possibly keep track of where I left off in webcomics with deep archives. But it turns out RFC 5005, standardized in 2007 right before I started building my stuff, addresses most of the RSS limitations I was concerned about. So recently I've been thinking through how to make Comic Rocket basically be an RSS reader…

@grainloom @catgirl i still use livejournal as my rss aggregator... Yeah, I can hardly believe it myself

@catgirl @grainloom I use RSS for news, blogs, Reddit, netcasts, Twitter (no account), YouTube (no account) and various other things. RSS is not dying, at least not here. :)

@hund Twitter allows RSS again? I thought they KILLED that YEARS ago!

@hund Ah, good. :3 I'm glad that works. Because when Twitter removed RSS support, it was really awful in general.

@catgirl Yeah. :/ Twitter is weird and morally questionable. I've heard new users are forced to use a phone number now as well.

@grainloom Until you start messing with their RSS files and discover that instead of using the RSS spec, they put everything in fucking ItunesExtension tags which is nightmare to deal with.

@grainloom @hund Same here. RSS and Atom for interesting blogs, YT, webcomics, local political parties. Only thing missing a some thing that passes off media URLs (YT, casts) to mpv so I don't have to ctrl+c/ctrl+v
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