Give someone a fish and you feed them for a day, teach them to fish and you feed them for a lifetime, but sell them a license for fishing software and they will forever depend on you for their fish because they never learned to make their own fishing software and the software and hardware architecture of contemporary computers is so complex that to learn to automate something in them is an incredibly lengthy process.

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@grainloom Steal the river with guns, put up a fence and then charge people for the right to fish. And your family will have an income for centuries.

@grainloom Until the day they realise they don't need software to catch fish?

@grainloom No metaphor ever is. But there's something in it. Like the revival of vinyl.

@grainloom give someone a fish and you feed htem for a day, give them an iFish and get a disount on your next purchase

@CobaltVelvet @catoutofbed truh
but I really want a future where people can easily modify and script their systems.

@CobaltVelvet @catoutofbed Tbh I'm ok with people using single purpose applications too, but I'd rather they were built to be also used in a toolchain.
easy to use shell scripts with simple GUIs laid over them > GUI only apps that just grow larger and larger

Of course you can't do something like that with Windows (Powershell is not enough) and possibly not even on Linux. This is one huge reason why I want Acme(-like interfaces) to gain traction, because they are a mental zero cost abstraction over commands

@grainloom @CobaltVelvet @catoutofbed Give fire to a man, and he'll be warm for one day. Put a man on fire, and he'll be warm for the rest of his life. (Terry Pratchett)

@grainloom GNU/Fish, or as I've recently taking to calling it, GNU+Fish

@grainloom Open a fishing school, and you can stick people with crippling fishing school debt.

@grainloom all I hear is that I can get money for a lifetime making sure people are dumb and depend on me for making and maintaining the fishing software that they have no idea what it actually does. Seems like a great deal. 😏

@grainloom This is actually kind of true. There is a program used by small to medium sized seafood wholesalers that runs in DOS and many companies are unwilling to switch it out for something more modern.

The guy who wrote it died like a decade ago. No support, no updates etc


Give someone a fire, you'll keep him warm for a day.

Put him on fire, you'll keep him warm for the rest of his lifetime.

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